Synthesized Speech Bell Labs 1961 7" pic-flexi+magazine
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Bell Telephone Laboratories Presents Synthesized Speech-- The computer speaking / The computer reciting a soliloquy from Hamlet / The computer singing

label & cat. no.:
Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated [private pressing, no cat#]pressed in:
7" 33rpm picture flexidisccondition:
Record: ex (record has been removed from magazine and thus is not unplayed, but the grooves have no visual flaws; plays with minor background noise like any flexi; all corners of the soundpage were cut in accordance with the playback instructions)
Magazine: ex (few minor wrinkles/bends on outer cover; inner pages are virtually flawless)description:

This amazing ultra rarity is the earliest version of the famed "Computer Speech" ep, as included as a tear-out 1-sided picture flexidisc soundpage in the June 1962 issue of The Reporter, a monthly magazine for Bell Telephone Laboratories employees and A.T.&T. shareholders. This artifact presents the first ever recordings of electronic speech synthesis, as researched at Bell Labs by scientists D.H. VanLenten, John L. Kelly, and Louis J. Gerstman using an ancient punchcard-fed IBM mainframe computer. A narrator discusses the wonders of speech artificially constructed from the basic building blocks of the English language and the issues of timing, pitch, and accents, and provides several computerized speech examples including the "to be or not to be" soliloquy from Hamlet and the song "Bicycle Built for Two" (which directly inspired filmmaker Stanley Kubrick in his staging of HAL's death scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey when HAL sings the same song). The disc itself is labeled 'copyright 1961' and has a different narrator than the more well known later release from 1963, as well as gorgeous punchcard art and notes exclusive to this earlier issue, though the actual computer speech recordings seem to be the same, and the flexi has a shorter overall running time. This auction also includes the 24 page magazine it originally came with, which has a 3 page article on Bell Labs' synthesized speech research called "The Building Blocks Of Words" which went along with the disc, in addition to other interesting articles on underwater filming, nuclear physics, seat belts, an AT&T shareholders meeting, and more, an amazing time-capsule of early 1960s corporate-backed state-of-the-art scientific research.

Starting in the late 1950s, Bell Labs hosted the first artists and scientists to experiment with computer music and speech, including Max Mathews, John R. Pierce, Newman Guttman, Jean-Claude Risset, James Tenney, Roger N. Shepard, and Edgard Varese; they produced several lenegdary lps of early electronic music, including Music From Mathematics and Voice Of The Computer. This record will be of interest to fans of electronic and computer musicians like Herbert Eimert, Gottfried Michael Koenig, Paul Lansky, Jon Appleton, Cylob, Rephlex, Robert Moog, Bruce Haack, Vocoder, Italo, Luke Vibert, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Mu-Ziq, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Laurie Anderson, Skinny Puppy, Invisibl Skratch Piklz...Check out my other auctions this week for more avant garde experimental early electronic electroacoustic microtonal 20th century classical free jazz artist records. US Shipping - Media Mail is 5.00 for 1-2 single records, then 0.65 for each additional; Priority Mail is also available but pricing depends on zipcode (you can check eBay's calculated shipping price at the bottom of this page); other expedited shipping options and insurance are all available on request. Combine multiple items to save on shipping.
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