Slave The Lover, the madman and the poet ADM LP 680 Deroy Private vinyl rock lp
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Slave The Lover, the madman and the poet run out cat stamped ADM LP 680 A/B on the incredibly rare and sort label Deroy Sound service from late 1960s.

This is an extremely rare record with literally an unknown amount in existence for sure, but with the Deroy sound service pressings no more than 99 would have ever been made. i previously had located another copy back in 2015 and up until that point there was 3 known copies, as far as i know a total of 5 have surfaced but that’s it.

This is the only 2nd one i’ve seen with the titles on the LP most are just blank titled.

Housed in the original scruffy plain sleeve which has been split completely down one side also housed in the original blank sleeve with Patents pending Made in England.

The labels are in very nice shape with the titles visible but only present on the B side of the lp.

The record does have marks and some scratches and plays with background noise throughout in some places there is pops, however from listening throughout it doesn’t seem to have any skips but it is listenable and playable with the sound better in some places. If the record was cleaned it may improve the sound also.

Ive managed to put snippets of the tracks into a video, this was recorded next to a speak on my iphone also compressed to decrease the file size, but gives an indication of each track.

There it is any questions please feel free to get in touch and i’ll answer the best i can.

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