Set of 7 Helter Skelter Essential 12 Cassette Packs
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Rare opportunity to purchase this set of 7 Helter Skelter Essential 12 packs ranging from 1997 to 1999. Includes the following - 1. 'Progression' - 31st December (New Years Eve) 1997 / 1998, including DJ's Brisk, Clarkee, Hixxy, Dougal, Force and Styles, DJ Sy, Vibes, Demo, Billy Bunter, Slipmatt, Ramos, Vinylgroover, Seduction (tape missing), and also including MC's Man Parris, MC MC, Charlie B, Magika, Stixmann, Massive, Marley, Freestyle, Ribbz, Sharkey. 2. 'Human Nature' - 6th June 1998, including DJ's Stompy, DJ Demo, Billy Bunter, Slipmatt, MC MC & Rushour, Seduction, Vinylgroover, Vibes, Unknown, M-Zone & Mark E.G.(back2back), Dougal, DJ Sy, Hixxy, Brisk, Force and Styles, and also including MC's Man Parris, Magika, Stixmann, Live Lee, MC MC, Charlie B, Ribbz, Junior, and Storm. 3. 'Energy 98' - 8th August 1998, including DJ Slam, Sharkey, Hixxy, Dougal, Vibes, The Rat Pack, DJ Sy, Force and Styles, Bunjy, Billy Bunter, Brisk, Mark E.G. and M Zone (back2back), Vinylgroover, Seduction, and Slipmatt, and also including MC's Magika, Stixmann, Freestyle, Storm, Man Parris, Charlie B, Live Lee, MC MC, and Ribbz. 4. 'Timeless' - 31st October 1998 (9th Birthday Celebration), including DJ's Vinyltrixta, Vinylgroover, Seduction, Force and Styles, Hixxy, DJ Sy, Vibes, Breeze, Billy Bunter, Brisk, Slipmatt, Dougal, The Rat Pack, Mack E.G. & M Zone (back2back), and The History of Dance Old Skool Sets (Slipmatt & Force and Styles), and also including MC's Live Lee, Magika, Freestyle, Storm, Charlie B, Ribbz, Stixmann, and Robbie Dee. 5. 'The Final Countdown' - 31st December (New Years Eve) 1998 / 1999, including Juice and Cally (back2back) (G.S.I.), Brisk, DJ Sy, Force and Styles, Mack E.G. and M Zone (back2back), Hixxy, Stompy, Billy Bunter, Vibes, Dougal, Vinylgroover, Seduction, and Slipmatt, and also including MC's Freestyle, Stixmann, Charlie B, Sharkey, Live Lee, Magika, Storm, and Ribbz. 6. 'Lost in Music - A Dance Odyssey' - 27th March 1999, including DJ's Robbie Long, Sharkey, Seduction (classic anthems), DJ Sy, Dougal & Hixxy (back2back), Slipmatt, Breeze, Vinylgroover, Force and Styles (featuring special guest), Brisk, The Rat Pack (old skool NU skool showcase), Mark E.G. and M Zone (back2back), and Vibes, and also including MC's Stixmann, Magika, Freestyle, Storm, Live Lee, Robbie Dee, Charlie B, and Junior. 7. 'Energy 99 - The Virtual Element' - 7th August 1999, including DJ's Billy Bunter, Breeze, Seduction, The Rat Pack, Slipmatt, Hixxy, Vibes, Bunjy, Brisk, Dougal, Force and Styles (back2back), Mark E.G. and M Zone (back2back), DJ Sy, Vinylgroover, and The History of Dance (Ltd Edition Old Skool Sets by Force and Styles, DJ Sy, Slipmatt and Vibes), and also including MC's Storm, Charlie B, Live Lee, Man Parris, Whizz Kid, Magika, MC MC, Stixmann, Ribbz, and Sharkey. As far as i am aware all tapes are in good working order, although there may be a couple which are a bit more used than the rest (the ones i played the most). All sets have all the tapes / are complete, apart from the one stated above which has one missing. Each of these sets was bought brand new by me for £20.99 - so there is over £140 of music here!! Any questions please ask!! Happy bidding and happy listening!!!

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