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Here is one of the Rarest and best Psych Downer folk albums ever. Deep introspective lyrics with drug references and killer fuzz guitar amongst the hypnotic songs that grow on you more and more with each listen. Originally 100 pressed and given away to friends as a souvenir. Most are in landfills. Most likely less than 10 left on the planet and some are in poor shape. I am the only one who has ever publicly sold this record before. I found band members and went to the label. There are no copies to be had anywhere period. I paid a fortune for the guitar player Tom Hackett's copy which I am holding on to but it was a bit noisy. The Reclusive and brilliant Songwriter David has 1 personal copy and he will never sell it for any price. I found this copy at my parents house while I was cleaning my old things cause they're having a yard sale. I couldn't believe it. I gave 2 or 3 copies of this to goodwill with a ton of other records while moving about 13 years ago and I guess I kept one.    This copy is SUPER minty. The cover is in shrink. The disc is NM and looks unplayed. The insert-cover did not come with all copies. I am including a Dead Mint unused one I got from a band member. "There were only 2 mint unused inserts-covers and I am keeping the other" Every other used insert-cover I have seen is yellowed from age, stained a bit, creased up or beat up. I am also including PHOTOCOPIES of some original lay out work, A newspaper clipping and a ticket for a show. These items are PHOTOCOPIES. If you live overseas Let's discuss shipping options Registered if possible. But it's not offered to all countries. Also some postal systems are sketchy and things go missing. Let's try to avoid that! I pack my records super well and this will be double boxed. Please don't bother me with low ball offers I am very happy to keep this record in my collection forever. Thanks for looking!!!

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