SHOWDOWN - Albert Collins, Robert Cray & Johnny Copeland- MFSL 1-217 - SEALED

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SHOWDOWN - Albert Collins, Robert Cray & Johnny Copeland- MFSL 1-217 - SEALED

SHOWDOWN! - featuring Albert Collins, Robert Cray & Johnny Copeland-- MFSL 1-217


Mint Condition, still in plastic packaging!!!

Special Limited Edition # 0514

Showdown! is a blues album by Albert Collins, Robert Cray and Johnny Copeland, released in 1985 through Alligator Records. The album won the Best Traditional Blues Recording Grammy Award in 1986.

Everything about this album is amazing.  These are 3 masters of the modern blues.  The artwork on the cover is both beautiful and perfectly recreated and the quality of the vinyl and all packaging is perfect.

Original Master Recording by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab

Halfspeed mastered from the Original Master Tapes

Audiophile 200g High Definition Vinyl Pressung

Out of Print

Track listing

Side A

  • 1. T-Bone Shuffle (T-Bone Walker) (4:54)
    • Johnny, First Vocal And Solo; Albert, Second Vocal And Solo; Robert, Third Vocal And Solo

    2. The Moon Is Full (Gwen Collins) (4:59)
    • Albert, Vocal, Introduction And Last Solo; Robert, Middle Solo

    3. Lion's Den (Copeland) (3:55)
    • Johnny, Vocal, Introduction And First Solo; Albert, Second Solo

    4. She's Into Something (Carl Wright) (3:49)
    • Robert, Vocal And First Solo; Albert, Second Solo

    5. Bring Your Fine Self Home (4:30)
    • Johnny, Vocal And Rhythm Guitar (Right Channel); Albert, Harmonica And Solo Guitar; Robert, Rhythm Guitar (Left Channel)

Side B
  • 1. Black Cat Bone (Semien, Harding Wilson) (4:54)
    • Johnny, First Two Vocal Verses And Second Solo; Albert, Third Vocal Verse And First Solo

    2. The Dream (Unknown) (5:28)
    • Robert, Vocal And Rhythm Guitar; Albert, Solo Guitar

    3. Albert's Alley (Collins) (4:01)
    • Albert, First And Last Solos; Johnny, Middle Solo

    4. Blackjack (Ray Charles) (6:26)
    • Albert, Vocal, Introduction, Third Solo And Closing Solo; Johnny, First Solo; Robert, Second Solo

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