SEX PISTOLS "god save the queen" A&M label. GENUINE
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It is with extreme reluctance and annoyance that I am having to relist this record.  The previous winning bidder informs me that he was the victim of identity fraud and that he did not place the bid and was, therefore, unable to complete.  This is why I like trading through my shop, I can have a face-to-face transaction however, with such an important record as this I feel it is important to offer it to an international market.

Nevermind, it gives you a chance to have another try for this fabulously rare Sex Pistols single, especially on this, the thirtieth anniversary of its release.

Not only have I relisted it I have taken an entirely new set of photographs.  This is to re-assure bidders that this is not yet another scam where someone has simply copied my previous listing and does not actually have the record, or worse, has a fake one for sale.  The new pictures positively show that I do have the record and it is to reinforce this that I have got the lovely Claire (who normally greets you from behind the counter) to pose outside the shop with it.  (of course, she was chained to the ground to stop her running off).

I have copied my previous description as I do not see any need to alter it just to say that, as with all my other auctions, I do reserve to end it early as the item is also on sale in the shop.

I really do hope that the record, on this occasion, will go to a genuine collector.  Original description follows:



Since you have chosen to look at this eBay item you must be quite aware that it is the rarest British Punk record in the world!  I hardly need to repeat the story about its famous withdrawal by the record company in the light of the Sex Pistols' bad behavior, that has been well documented and a quick search will give many tales!

What research will reveal is that, whilst there were certainly no more than two hundred pressed, most have disappeared or are in the private collections of serious investors.  You will also find that, due to its desirability, there have been many forgeries made.

What I want to draw your attention to, here, is my absolute guarantee that this is a genuine item.

I am the managing director of the world famous BEANOS RECORDS and we have had our shops in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />South London for over 30 years.  I write about rare records, appear on TV and Radio and constantly in the National Press.  It is BEANOS LIMITED that are selling this most desirable item but I want to be your contact for any queries and, also, to take away the faceless negotiation that an important international auction can sometimes have.  I can tell you everything you need to know about the record and you are welcome to visit our shop and view the actual item itself (by prior appointment) with myself.

Now, if you are going to consider a bid to put this certain blue-chip investment into your collection (and it is a certainty, the few that have come on the market in the last dozen years have risen from £600 in 1995 to the last one, sold through a London Auction House last year, at £10,000), you will be able to answer all your queries by looking at the pictures.  The exclusive B-side label is clearly seen as are the matrix numbers on both sides and the 'non-slip ring' which proves that the record is a genuine pressing beyond doubt. However, if you do not know the significance of these features I urge you to consult an expert or make some investigations on the internet.  You can, of course, contact me for any further details you may need.

The pictures will also clearly show that there is some slight staining, probably water, on the B-side label.  The playing surfaces, under a strong light, will also show that the record has been played a few times, nevertheless, in my opinion, this does nothing to devalue this iconic disc, merely showing that it was played and enjoyed.  In fact, it is the only copy I have dealt with, that has come from a Sex Pistols fan rather than a record company employee, it was actually won on a Radio conpetition by a lucky girl!

I hope a high level collector is shrewd enough to bid on this at the right price and is lucky enough to win it and add it to a cherished collection.

David Lashmar

Managing Director




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