SEX PISTOLS 1978 first time on eBay for sale GERMAN POSTER Hamburg
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  • SEX PISTOLS  1978 first time on eBay for sale GERMAN POSTER Hamburg

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The rarest ever SEX PISTOLS related poster? This one should probably go into a museum or an exhibition hall. Rarer than hen's teeth. And now for sale, for the first time, on eBay. I've never ever seen another like this. From time to time you can buy the very rare A&M single which sells for £7,000£11,000 but this poster never pops up. I have checked the internet and most of the great SEX PISTOLS fan websites but this poster, or any info about this festival, doesn't show up anywhere. So it is unlikely that this festival ever took place. Therefore, again, for the first time on eBay, this poster is for sale. You are bidding on a SUPER-SUPER RARE MADE IN GERMANY poster from 1978. The PUNK ROCK & NEW WAVE FESTIVAL had been planned to take place in June 1978, in Hamburg, the North German city and port. As you can see the SEX PISTOLS are listed on the bill, but as the band had split that January, this would never have happened. Under the band name it states aus London (steht noch nicht fest). Which, when exactly translated means from London (not yet clear). In other words, yet to be confirmed. The dimensions of the poster is 31.49 x 23.03 inches or 80 x 58,50 cm. This poster looks like it was pasted outside for some time and is suffering from water damage and from discolouring. It’s over 40 years old, and is, of course, used. Please see all scans. Again, I have never ever seen this beauty for sale before.

Condition / Zustand: see eBay description

Postage & Packaging / Porto & Verpackung:

OUTSIDE GERMANY (all countries): £14 (maybe more, will only be sent with full insurance)

DEUTSCHLAND: €8 (da RollenZuschlag, DHL Paket, versichert)

Mailing / Versand: das Poster wird in einer Versandrolle verschickt (this poster will be sent in a special mailer).

Payment / Bezahlung: via PayPal. All orders which exceed a value of €15 or £12 or $16 will only be sent by registered mail. This requires the buyer to pay an additional of €2,50 or £2.50 or $3.00. All winners from Italy must pay for registered mail. Deutsche ausschließlich per Banküberweisung. Wird ein Gesamtwert von €15 oder £12 oder $16 erreicht, so verschicke ich ausschließlich als Einschreibebrief bzw. innerhalb Deutschlands optional auch als DHL Paket (€7,00). Good luck with your bids from Germany's record seller 'punky_music' (old name 'punkdealer')

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