Rolling Stones 1975 Tour IMP 3LP set on MCV

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End Date: 2006-02-11
Start Date: 2006-02-04
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Rolling Stones 1975 Tour IMP 3LP set on MCV

3 individual LPs, each on multi color vinyl. "1975 Tour of the Americas Part One" aka "Who Went to Church This Sunday" is blue MCV. Its full size insert is neatly glued on, LP is mint. "Charlie Watts and His Fabulous Rolling Stones" (part 2) is totally mint on red/orange MCV, in the original shrink wrap. "LA Friday" aka "1975 Nervous Breakdown" (part 3) is on clear splatter MCV and is mint with a loose insert. All labels are clean and there is no handwriting anywhere on these.

This is the complete set, and that's the only way I will sell it. No need to track down a missing LP, they're all here. Includes a single page IMP catalog of titles 1100-1108.

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