Rare Ohio rockabilly/Surf The Invaders on Pacer "Invader Twist" Hear
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Thanks for checking me out! Today I have a rare Ohio rockabilly surf 45. It is by The Invaders on the Pacer  Records label #82555.  All records I list contain the photo of the actual record, and the sound clip from that record as well. The sound clip is not tampered with in any form. Please check out the other records I have listed.

Side A "Night Ride"

grades at a very clean VG, has light label wear, and plays well

Side B "Invader Twist"

grades at a very clean VG,has light label wear, and plays well, has writing on label

Shipping- New shipping charges per the USPS. This will be shipped USPS First Class Mail to the US winning bidder.I will combine shipping and will charge an additional $.50 per 45 up to 4. All International Bidders will pay $13.50, and Canada will pay $9.00 I will combine shipping Internationally and will charge $1.75 extra per 45 up to 4. Any International order over $50.00 will require an additional charge for registered mail service. Please do not pay until I have sent you the invoice.

*Attention International bidders* Please do not ask me to falsify customs documents, because I will not!

Kissrox grades the vinyl

M- : Has all the factory luster and gloss, and very minimal marks.

NM : Has rich gloss, awesome label, and only a few light marks.

VG++ : Label is in great condition,scuffs and scratches are minor, play is not affected

VG+ : LP has some scuffs and scratches, a little wear on label, but still plays good.

VG : Scuffs and scratches are present, still plays ok.

VG- : Seen lots of play, scuffs and scratches, plays ok with pops and cracks.

G : Someone didn't take very good care of this record, and has lots of scuffs and scratches.


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