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The Rolling Stones: "Sticky Fingers" 1971, USA/Rolling Stones COC 59100 Mono. Disc is M-, and it's a white label demo issue in MONO! Cover has a demo sticker on the front and a song title sticker on the back, the back side has some indentations from the zipper on the copy stacked under it at the printer, so this would undoubtedly be on all copies. I don't think you'll be able to upgrade this, it's EX to M-. Zipper is functional, and it says "SWIFT" on it, which I've never seen before (original stock copies distributed on the west coast say "CORT"). This cover seems to be constructed a bit differently than the later stock issues; the "gatefold" front flap is glued along the right edge and partially glued inside as well adjacent to the zipper, so you can't quite see the underwear even when peeking in from the top. NO, you're not dreaming! It's a white label demo in mono! I never even knew this damn thing existed until this one landed in my lap and I've never seen another one. It's gotta be mega-rare. And it's in amazing shape, you'll never upgrade it! This is surely a "CSG Process" mono mix (folded from stereo, with phase reversal) made for AM radio. I still think this is the best Stones LP from the 1970s; I bought it new at age eleven and played it to death. Mick Taylor's guitar solos (particularly on "Sister Morphine" and "Sway") still send chills down my spine every time I hear 'em. Giving this one up is a soul-sacrifice, so I hope you'll bid like a possessed maniac to get it.

Look below for a picture or two of the actual item up for auction.

All my records are guaranteed. I try to grade strictly enough to please all potential bidders and will note any found flaws with the disc or cover specifically. If you need any more information, feel free to e-mail me.

I pack/ship once a week, usually on Friday. I use sturdy cardboard boxes designed for shipping records, and I remove the disc from the cover to prevent seam splits during shipment.

IF YOU ARE IN THE USA: I can ship this LP by Media Mail for $4.00, or by Priority Mail for $7.00. If you want the box to be signed for at your end, add $2.30 for a $100 insurance tag.

IF YOU ARE IN CANADA: I can ship this LP to you by Airmail for $7.00.

IF YOU ARE IN MEXICO: I can ship this LP to you by Airmail for $9.00.

IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA: I can ship this LP to you by Airmail for $14.50.

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