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 Here is your chance to own the original TSG release of RICARDO MARRERO A Taste SUPER RARE LATIN FUNK LP
The vinyl is clean and would grade VG++ with a few light minor scratches and scuffs, some light finger prints around the edges but in overall very good condition.  It has a bit of dust on it as you can see from the photo, I did not play it since I have owned it and did not want to even use a light carbon fiber dust brush to clean it off as I figured the less handling of this LP by me the better condition it will remain in for whoever buys it. I have set a low reserve that is low compared to what other copies of this have sold for on ebay. No returns so ask me whatever questions you have in advance.

The sleeve is Near Mint and though opened, still in original shrink wrap.
• no holes
• no water damage
• no stickers
• no cuts
• no abrasions
• no tape
• no stamps
• no peeling
• no discoloration
• no ringwear

I have taken some of the info from the best write ups of this LP online to give you an idea to it’s history and value:
Original issue on the highly collectable TSG label out of NYC. Ricardo Marrero recorded this album only to have the master tapes stolen and released on TSG without his knowing. Like all TSG releases, it was kept quiet and so the sales were almost nothing. Hence rarity!
Awesome latin funk including the long version of 'Babalonia'. A super LP from start to finish! Reserve reflects rarity and market value.
Ricardo Marrero & the Group - A Taste - TSG 805 - 1976

Here it is, one of the rarest of the rare, and also one of the best consistent jazz funk LP's.  Very few copies of this super rare LP on the tax scam TSG label were pressed. There was no intention to release these records, they were more than likely dumped in a warehouse somewhere and probably later destroyed and/or recycled. Unfortunately Ricardo Marrero knew nothing of this, and was disappointed to see his album disappear before it had a chance.
   the tracks:
1. Tiny
2. Algo
3. And We'll Make Love
4. Vengo
5. Get Yourself Together
6. Babalonia
7. My Friend
8. A  Taste of Latin
A review of this LP from online…
Boy, was I amazed! From the second I heard the opener "Tiny" followed by funky "Algo" I was lured right in!
Ricardo Marrero plays all percussion instruments, as well as piano, and vibes. His sound is reminicent of the late Cal Tjader, and the late and great - Tito Puente. He has been at the forefront of the salsa and latin-jazz musical scene since the mid 70's. He worked with The Fania All-Stars, Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez, The 5 Stairsteps, and most recently - Ruben Blades.
Ricardo was also one of the founding members of "Seis del Solar" (The Ruben Blades Band). His crossover classic "Babalonia" received regular rotation on WBLS radio back in the 70's. He also worked with Angela Bofill (on "My Friend"), and flautist Dave Valentin on "A Taste of Latin." Dave can also be heard with his frolicking flute on "Algo" (this track was crowd favorite).
The story of this album begins in New York during the mid-’70s. It’s a story of stolen master tapes, shady deals and records deliberately made NOT to be sold. It’s the story of the musical obsession of one man who has devoted his life to music and how he was sold down the river by unscrupulous record industry moguls. It’s also the story of one of the rarest, most in demand and expensive records the world has ever known, with only a handful of copies of this super LP ever being found. Demand for the solid music within has led to a bidding frenzy whenever a copy has surfaced – the latest one on eBay fetched £2855 – that’s an amazing $4000! Records don’t get much more collectable than that, and so we have no hesitation of awarding a coveted ‘Holy Grail’ status to this LP, the third in our acclaimed series. Why so rare? We spoke to Ricardo himself to find out, and his remarkable story is revealed in the CD liners for the first time ever. He speaks about the recording of the album and his disappointment at the stolen tapes, his ill-fated association with boxing legend Don King, and the making of the legendary latin funk anthem ‘Babalonia’

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