RAY CHARLES Come Back/I've Got A Woman ATLANTIC 1050 EE-/V+
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Come Back/I've Got A Woman



My family has been in the rare 78 RPM record business for over 40 years. We grade records conservatively and package records safely, with the professionalism that can be expected from our considerable experience dealing in rare records. If you'd like to hear an audio sample of a particular record, don't hesitate to ask -- we'll do our best to accommodate you. Please note: We now provide package tracking for all shipments! Thanks for your patience!

N: New – Appears to have never been played (100%)
E: Excellent – very minor wear that barely affects play (95%)
V: Very Good – moderate wear, but still sounds decent (75%)
G: Good – actually not so good, very worn and beat up (50%)
F: Fair – only merit is that it is still (barely) audible (25%)
P: Poor – ruint! Proves existence of item (<20%)

*Two grades separated by a slash relate to A/B sides.
*A grade followed by “+” or “-“ refers to an in-between grade
*Two grades un-separated by a slash refer to an in-between grade.
(Example: V< E-< E ; E-V+< E-< EE-< E)

Abbreviation Key:
-1, -2, -A, -B, etc (after title) – take #
CRK – crack
DMG – damage
EDGCHP – edge chip
EDGFLK – edge flake ; FLK – flake (in grooves)
GRV - groove
HC – hairline crack
LAM – lamination crack (not thru)
LBL - label
Lg - large
Lt - light
N – not affecting play
NDLDP – needle drop ; NDLRN – needle run
NW/Wash – needs a wash (dirty)
OS – original sleeve
POTFLK – potential flake
PRSSBPS – press bumps ; PRSSMKS – press marks
S – makes sound / audible
SCF – scuff
SCR – scratch
Sm – small
SOL/TOL/WOL – sticker/tag/writing on label
S/S – single-sided
sunB – Decca sunburst label

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