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disc is : vg on slate records purple label / slate #211 non -breakable / this is a tape to disc transfer - plays quite well , no skipping or loud pops , just noise ( not overwhelming ) The Cover is blank on the back side - maybe these were sold on his lecture tours ? . Cover is : vg+ with a dinged corner and light wear // Rare and unique album from a strange 50's character who claims his music "came to him" from outer space contacts. Played on piano and accordian ( big on Venus) , songs are: Marla , theme from the song from saturn, the song from Saturn .// Apparently he and His Wife ( she's from Venus?) are down in Fla these days // Very odd LP, unsure whether he really believed this stuff or whether it was all a shameless exploito trip // Here's a little background and some links are after : In 1956, Howard Menger, a sign-painter, went public with his stories of contact that dated back to 1932. At that time he encountered a lovely blond Venusian woman sitting on a rock in the woods. He was only ten years old, but felt an overwhelming physical attraction to her. During WWII, Menger was stationed in Hawaii. There he met a beautiful dark haired girl, that had the same effect on him. She sensed this attraction and that Howard was embarrassed about it, and told him not to worry, it was only natural and that she was attracted to him too. When Menger returned home to New Jersey in 1946, he once again saw his blond Venusian girl, but this time she stepped out of a flying saucer, wore a blue-gray ski-type suit, that fitted loosely over her very shapely body. He asked would he ever see her again, she said no, but told him what his mission was, to aid the space people in their benevolent efforts to save the human race from itself, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She told him he would meet her sister, a Venusian now in an earth incarnation. She would work with him and be with him for the duration of this life span. He was told he would recognize her the moment he laid eyes upon her. Ten years later, contactee followers flocked to Menger's farm near High Bridge, where objects Menger identified as spacecraft and shadowy figures, he called space people sparked a sensation. A small group of devotees gathered there regularly. One day a California contactee, George Van Tassel was lecturing there, Menger noticed a slim, attractive, young blond woman, and knew right away, it was her. Upon seeing her, he broke through his memory block, and recalled past lives, and knew she was the sister to his original visitor, and saw that they had been lovers long ago, when he was a Saturnian spiritual teacher named Sol da Naro and she a Venusian beauty. The young lady's name was Connie Weber, recently widowed, and although Menger was married and had children, they began an amorous relationship whose history Weber wrote about as Marla Baxter, in MY SATURNIAN LOVER (1958). other Menger links : http://groups.msn.com/CosmicView/meetingswithspacetravelers.msnw // http://www.algonet.se/~hermesat/contact.htm // http://www.goddardmultimedia.fsnet.co.uk/atpai/menger.htm

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