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Dionysians / Apollonians; avant-garde chamber group / rock and roll dance band; violent nihilists / compassionate humanists; white noise tornado / neo-folk tonic; satanists / moralists



  • ..|/\|...............................................|/\|..

  • Andy Warhol
  • & NICO

  • ..|/\|...............................................|/\|..

    • USA - VERVE - V6-5008 - STEREO


  2. "Andy Warhol", 1967, Velvet Underground & Nico LP Verve V65008 Stereo, TORSO (verso),  US Pressing, Museum Quality, RARE.

  3. **********************************************************

  4. 1967, extremely rare ONE unused- unpeeled banana sticker designed by Andy Warhol for use on this groundbreaking 1967 debut album "The Velvet Underground & Andy Warhol" released on Verve Records.
  5. A set of 10 originals - exactly like this one, sold for near $12,000 at the famous auction site "Christie's"

  6. **********************************************************

  7. The (MINT) original still on the glassine paper banana sticker was pulled from production before being stuck on the famous gatefold cover
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      Includes Verve Records printed inner sleeve
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    1. Recorded in '66 during Andy Warhol's multimedia event tour, The Velvet Underground & Nico would gain notoriety for its experimentalism performance sensibilities, as well as its focus on controversial subject matter expressed in many of their songs.
      Theirs was the dim world of drugs and sexual perversion, of heroin addiction and the desperate loss of hope that goes with it. Their concern was with death and violence... Oozing evil and lubricity, they made every other group look like kid stuff, and they made a lot of people nervous... There is no word for their sound but sometimes it seems as if a presence has taken it over, perhaps even His Satanic Majesty himself. You can easily imagine someone performing black masses with the Velvet Underground’s albums. Not for the kiddies.
      Their world view was dark and nihilistic at a time when everyone else was singing about peace and flowers... The Doors (whose first album was a hit when Velvet Underground & Nico was released) had a darker vision than The Velvet Underground! Even Jefferson Airplane, whose Surrealistic Pillow LP defined for the time capsules the romance of the Hippie Moment, didn’t turn a blind eye to the dark side of the counterculture-- and the Airplane and The Doors were the most popular bands in America during the Velvets’ time.
      The Velvet Underground & Nico (the latter being a Warhol-recommended "chanteuse" who departed after the album was released to pursue an even more quixotic solo career) does function as a kind of "map of their music" (to paraphrase The Doors’ description of their own debut LP). The overall impression created is dark, noisy, more than a little paranoid and seemingly amoral (as opposed to immoral)-- "Heroin" makes a point of being neither for nor against, but simply about; similarly, no specific judgment is passed upon the characters in songs like "I’m Waiting For The Man" and "Venus In Furs." The album concludes with "The Black Angel’s Death Song" and "European Son," likably self-indulgent exercises in sonic (and verbal) envelope-pushing. But the ballads Lou wrote for Nico to sing (including the album opener "Sunday Morning" ) provide a disarmingly sweet balance, and even a specific reassurance: "When you think the night has seen your mind, / That inside you’re twisted and unkind, / Let me stand to show that you are blind-- / Please put down your hands, / ‘Cause I see you-- / I’ll be your mirror..."
      Side one "Sunday Morning" (Reed, Cale) – 2:54 "I'm Waiting for the Man" – 4:39 "Femme Fatale" – 2:38 "Venus in Furs" – 5:12 "Run Run Run" – 4:22 "All Tomorrow's Parties" – 6:00
      Side two "Heroin" – 7:12 "There She Goes Again" – 2:41 "I'll Be Your Mirror" – 2:14 "The Black Angel's Death Song" (Reed, Cale) – 3:11 "European Son" (Reed, Cale, Morrison, Tucker) – 7:46


Banana Sticker is MINT, no fading original vibrant colors (see pics).
Glassine Paper- excellent, age toning ...the Banana Skin sticker was pulled from Verve Records production BEFORE being stuck
over the Pink Banana cover 

The legendary FIRST ALBUM also known as the “BANANA COVER”,
Contains the "TORSO" of Eric Emerson visible on the back cover,
Beautiful gatefold.
With the infamous Andy Warhol Banana peel-able 'skin' sticker that sent to Verve Records, was never stuck on the record cover, making it a perfect unpeeled banana skin and complete. Completely intact, not ever stuck on and pulled off or re-stuck/not stuck back on.

Warhol's gatefold cover artwork: It's a mind expander with the pink Banana. A great work of art from Warhol, a Pop icon where what you see is meant to be seen. Double entendre purposely presented.

The Gatefold Cover and Vinyl are authentic original 1967 First Pressing.
The cover is the original thick style US manufactured cardboard.

  1. The LP is heavy thick vinyl. It's not a reissue, not a boot, not an import, not a record club version,  not a counterfeit.

  2. Blue label with silver 'T', Deep-Groove with 1.25 ring.


  3. The cover: thick gatefold cover: Near MINT (very RARE)-
    Amazing white color on the front and verso covers as well as in the centerfold.
    The Banana Sticker has not been peeled from the original glassine paper, no nicks, no tears, no marks. MINT
    The front and back cover is very clean without the usual dirt, stains or imperfections and NO delete marks!

  4. The spine is in beautiful condition.
    The top and bottom edges have no dings, no tears, no frays, virtually wear free.

    The centerfold is beautifully white.
    *No split seams.
  5. *No bar codes.
    *No handwriting.
     *No water stains.

        The original inner Verve paper sleeve is in Near Mint Condition,
  6. no split seams.  

        The VERVE labels are in clean condition without the usual wear marks.

    The vinyl: near MINT Condition,

  7. THE RECORD PLAYS in near M- Condition,
    The vinyl looks fantastic without any major visual flaws,
    No deep nor finger-feel scratches.
    Beautiful bright clean shiny vinyl, The record is pressed on a beautiful, thick, inflexible vinyl, which was usually used for the first or very early pressings. The sound on thick vinyl pressings is full-bodied, vivid, and driving. The overall sound of this great album is clean, making it a final collection copy!

  8. Overall museum quality
  9. with the unstuck 1967 original sticker still
  10. intact.

  11. Andy Warhol


A cool addition to anyone's music library! 
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