Poison / Cry Tough Pink Vinyl 12" Promo single Enigma Capitol EPRO-013
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Poison / Cry Tough Pink Vinyl

12" Promo single 

Enigma/Capitol EPRO-013

Country: USA


Pink vinyl promo release, b/w Look What the Cat Dragged In.

Sleeve Grade: NM

Record Grade: NM


Our Grading System Explained Below - please read, ours is a little different from what you may be used to

Don't Forget to Look below the text - if there are additional photos, they'll be there!




This item is from an amazing music collection I'm just starting to list.  Over the next few weeks you will see TONS of incredible records from this collection.  Look in my eBay store under "Pedigree Collection - Records" and prepare to be amazed!



It was curated by a longtime music business professional who started his career in the 70's as a clerk at a very cool LA based record store chain.  The store dealt in lots of import product.  By the late 70's he'd started a company that specialized in importing records from all over the world (not just the UK, as had previously been the standard).  The company handled a lot of obscure progrssive, punk and industrial releases from places like Iceland, Poland, Mexico, Greece and others.  The gentleman in question set aside a copy of EVERYTHING they brought in.  Out of the import company grew a label (one of the most successful independent labels of all time with HUGE acts) which was eventually sold to a major label.

The owner continued working in the Industry, travelling the world & aggressively buying for the next 20+ years, acquiring a tremendous amount of gems along the way -and now they can be yours. 

While many of these records were purchased, there is also a huge amount of promotional product in the collection.  These are typically the first pressings off the stampers and should be prized as such.  Audiophiles know stampers degrade over time and later pressings tend to sound worse than early ones.  We personally don't subtract points for promo punches and cuts or embossed promo text on sleeves as we feel this is an intrinsic part of the promo copy.  All these variations are noted, however.


Like many avid music consumers, he acquired voraciously, but didn't have time to listen to as much as he'd have liked.  Much of the collection is unplayed or barely played.  That said, unless an item is factory sealed we will not claim it as "new" - even if the record never was offered sealed in the first place (many import records were never shrink-wrapped by the manufacturor, for instance).

Interestingly, the Import Company that this gentleman ran offered a service whereby US retail stores could pay a small fee to have new imports shrink-wrapped, saving employees the task of bagging the import records.  There are a few of those records listed here and we WILL note those as "new" - but only if the shrink is still on.  Always quality-concious, the shrink on these was loose, which spared the records from being overheated and kept the shrink from getting too tight, which can damage the sleeves and warp the vinyl.


All items are graded visually.  We try hard to be conservative when grading, we want you to be pleasantly surprised when you get your records.  That said, we are human, and if you think our grading is off, contact us.

Our background in grading collectibles goes back over 30 years, but is mostly in other fields.  For that reason, our grading system may look a little different to what you are used to (the Goldmine system, for instance).

We would rather be thorough than vague (as you can tell from all the text in the listing!), so if a record has multiple issues listed, it still may be a very sharp record - especially from this collection!  We are listing no "low-grade" records here unless they are incredibly scarce.  Furthermore, while we have a shorthand grading system like other sellers, we also endeavor to describe the issues are that determine the grade.  We don't just drop in an abbreviation and expect you to use your imagination.

We grade using the following terms:

NEW - Factory sealed records.  If you open a factory sealed record to play and it has a manufacturing defect (rare, but it happens), please remember there is no way we could've known that as we do not open sealed records to inspect them for obvious reasons.

NM - Near Mint - the highest grade we will give anything.  We don't believe there are truly MINT by definition records.  Any factors that prevent the sleeve or vinyl from being mint will be noted in the listing.  If it reads NM and has no further info, expect a record that is as good as new, but not sealed.

M- Mint Minus - almost our top grade, but maybe with a couple small issues

VF - Very Fine - maybe the vinyl has a few marks from going in and out of the sleeve, or there is a corner bend.

F - Fine - vinyl might look a little dull, but no visible scratches or defects, sleeve may have more than a few small defects

VG - Very Good - record shows wear but is expected to play through, with some background noise.  If there is a small scratch, this will be noted.  Sleeve has multiple issues, which will be noted.

FINALLY, REMEMBER:  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but proof is in the pictures.  We have photos in all the listings, but if there are specific questions, please ask & we will do our best to resolve!


We use new professional Uline cardboard mailers with padding to ship your records.  That said, record mailers are tight and if the corners get banged up in shipping, so do the corners of your records.  For an additional fee, we offer an alternative packaging option, whereby we pack your records in the Uline mailers described above, and those are wrapped in padding and packed inside a larger box.  If you are interested in this option, please inquire before you pay and we'll get you a quote.

Finally, buyers have differing opinions about the best way to ship records; in particular whether the records should be removed from the outer sleeves when they are mailed.  We get an equal amount of requests to ship in and out of sleeves.  As sleeves were designed to protect records, our default is to ship the records inside them.  Some buyers believe shipping the albums in the sleeves can cause them to split.  We have no bias and are happy to accomodate your preference.  If you want records to be removed from sleeves before we ship, JUST SAY SO.  The best place to do this is in the messages section of your PayPal payment.  If you don't express a preference, we will ship them in the sleeves.  NO WHINING IF YOU DON'T SPECIFY!




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