Perfect 12039 78 RPM Record Lavinia Turner Blues

End Price: USD 36
Start Price: USD 6
End Date: 2010-10-02
Start Date: 2010-09-25

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Number of bids: 4
Country: USA
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Perfect 12039 78 RPM Record Lavinia Turner Blues

Perfect 12039 78 RPM Record Lavinia Turner Blues

Perfect 12039

“Who’ll Drive Your Blues Away?” / “When The Rain Turns Into Snow (Who’s Gonna Keep You Warm)” Lavinia Turner & Johnson’s Harmony Seven E++ XF Condition: looks almost new. Absolutely a beautiful disk with two great blues tunes by a scarce artist. Plays as nice as it looks – buy the best and be happy.

I’ve got a zillion records and have gotten lots of requests to add a “mix” of disks so we will run some and see how they do: race, blues, comedy, and opera to follow. What sells will keep coming.

Two pounds media mail and packed right in our “made for shipping records” boxes because your 78 is worthless if it arrives broken and blaming it on the post office is not business – it’s bull.

NOTE: All disks make noise but generally the more scratches and wear the more noise. All grading is subjective and done by looks (I include a high resolution picture to let you examine and decide for yourself) and how it plays on my electric record player. Your equipment may be better or worse than mine and play may also be better or worse. How we grade: Add + or - to increase or decrease condition by approx ¼ each.

Poor: P

Very heavily scratched, gouges, very gray, torn or marked up label, cracked, warped, or damaged, that effects play, looks really bad and possibly/probably unplayable. These are only collectible if a scarce label or artist. When looking for that rare disk this is what you don’t really want but most often find. Space filler in a collection.

Fair: F Lots of scratches, may have damage to disk like edge chips and needle gouge, label decent: may have tears or stickers attached that need mention. Plays, but weakly with lots of very prominent noise. Artist/tune hard to hear or recognize. That “rare” disk you sometimes excitedly find that has had the tar played out of it. Better than space filler but only just.

Good: G Good is a played to well played record that has some shine, scratched but not gouged with no serious disk damage that effects play (lam, etc), decent label with only minor damages. A decent, desirable, “middle of the road” copy that is clearly playable with expected hiss and pop noise level. What you generally find as an acceptable player. That batch of Perry Como you found that you wish was Ma Rainey.

Fine: E A very nice disk, shiny, scratches are very light and very few, if any. Nice clean label. Disk looks lightly used if at all. The condition you find often in that stack of opera or sacred someone brings you. They look good ‘cause they were rarely played. What you hope to find.

Very Fine/Superb: XE / S Appears brand new and possibly never played. Record is bright, shiny, and almost perfect. Not many of these around. That NOS Robert Johnson Vocalion “Love In Vain” we all dream of finding.

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