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  • Words and Music: Ernie Maresca and Lou Zerato
  • Publisher; ©Copyright: S & J Music Publ. Corp., NYC 

  • Well produced 60's Rock & Roll
  • This song could have been a BIG HIT if recorded by Frankie Valli
  • Unreleased Demo
  • Date late 60's(?)
  • Very good condition
  • Lead Sheet has yellowed with age.


Maresca was born on April 21, 1939, Bronx, New York, USA.

Maresca's one big hit was the rousing rock 'n' roll tune, "Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out)," from 1962, which went to number 6 on the US chart. With great support from the vocal group, Del-Satins, Maresca created a piece that epitomized the spirit of early rock 'n' roll with its sense of fun and enthusiasm for dance. But he was mainly a behind-the-scenes talent, writing and producing acts for the Laurie label in New York City. The songs he composed included "No One Knows" for Dion And The Belmonts; "Runaround Sue" and "The Wanderer" for Dion, and "Runaround" for the Regents. Most of the acts he worked with were hard-hitting, Italian-American, doo-wop groups who came from the Bronx, notably the Belmonts, Regents, Camelots, Del-Satins, Nino And The Ebbtides, and the Five Discs. In the UK, "Shout! Shout' (Knock Yourself Out)" was remade in 1982 by Rocky Sharpe And The Replays, who took it to number 19.


Lou Zerato - you and he wrote quite a few songs together. (This is from an Ernie Maresca Article)

I (Masesca) did a lot of writing with him. We wrote 'Party Girl' for Bernadette Carroll, 'Hey Jean, Hey Dean' for Dean and Jean, 'Up On The Bridge' for the Chiffons. He was a great guitar player and a nice guy. I didn't really know him that well. When I started out at Laurie, he was one of a bunch of guys who used to come up every day. We would have fried egg sandwiches and just write for ten hours a day. I'm surprised they didn't throw us out of the office, the noise we made. But if they had paid more attention to us, they would have had more hits. I wrote a lot of good songs with Lou Zerato. He moved out to Colorado or somewhere like that.

Dean and Jean are special favourites of mine. They recorded some of your songs, like 'Seven Day Wonder'. How well did you know them?

Jean was a wonderful woman. Both of them were really good people, I'm telling you. They were really down to earth people. I really, really liked them a lot. I got along with them from day one. I'm sorry to hear that Jean died. Brenda Lee Jones was her real name. I wish she would have called me because she probably had royalties coming to her. 'Seven Day Wonder' was written with a good friend of mine named Andy La Terra. He was the other writer on that song with Lou Zerato. Andy sang at my sister's wedding about 30 years ago. He's a lounge singer at a club in New York, sounds just like Frank Sinatra. He's terrific, a nice guy. Tom Bogdany is a great guy. He wrote 'Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out)' with me and 'Please Don't Tell Me Now' for Dean and Jean.

LOU ZERATO discography
born 1934 ? 1936 ?

DEAN and JEAN (Rust 5075) 02/64
Hey Dean, Hey Jean (Maresca, Zerato)
Please Don't Tell Me Now (Maresca, Bogdany)
Prod : not credited

BERNADETTE CARROLL (Laurie 3238) 03/64
Party Girl (Ernie Maresca, Lou Zerato) #47 BB
I Don't Wanna Know (John Darrow, John Gluck)
Prod : not credited

THE RAY-VONS (Laure 3248) 04/64
Regina (Ernie Maresca, Rusty Lane, Lou Zerato)
Judy (Rusty Lane)
Prod : Ernie Maresca

THE DEL-RONS (Laurie 3252) 05/64
Leave Us Alone (Lou Zerato)
Your Big Mistake (Ernie Maresca, Pete Barin)

THE FOUR GRADUATES (Rust 5084) 08/64
Candy Queen (Maresca, Zerato)
A Boy In Love (H.Arthur, R. Miranda)
Prod : not credited
[The Four Graduates eventually became The Happenings]

THE BELMONTS (Sabina 522) 1964
Summertime Time (Fred Milano)
Nothing In Return (Maresca, Zerato, Levenson)

THE MUSTANGS (Providence 407) 1965
Topsy '65
Rumpus (Ernie Maresca, Lou Zerato)

THE TAMMYS (Veep 1210) 03/65
Hold Back The Light Of Dawn (Ernie Maresca, Lou Zerato)
Gypsy (Lou Christie, Twyla Herbert)
Prod : Jack Gold

THE OTHER TWO (RCA 8607) 06/65
Don't You Wanna Love Me Baby (Goffin, King)
Hold Back The Light Of Dawn (Ernie Maresca, Lou Zerato)
Prod : not credited

BERNADETTE CARROLL (Laurie 3320) 11/65
He's Just A Playboy (Greenberg, Baer)
Try Your Luck (Lou Zerato)

THE TEARDROPS (Laurie 3325) 12/65
Champagne Lady (Zerato)
Hey Gingerbread (Zerato)

BOOTS WALKER (Providence 416) 1966
Hey Little Girl (Ernie Maresca, Lou Zerato)
Pride (Lou Zerato)

THE FOUR COINS (Laurie 3331) 04/66
I'll Never love Again (Zerato)
Try Your Luck (Zerato)

THE RARE BREED (Attack 1401) 05/66
Beg Borrow and Steal (Joey Day, Lou Zerato)
Jeri's Theme
Prod : Super K Productions

JUANITA NIXON (Laurie 3341) 1966
Up On The Bridge (Ernie Maresca, Lou Zerato)

DEAN and JEAN (Rust TR-1)
Seven Day Wonder (Zerato)
The Man Who Will Never Grow Old

BOOTS WALKER (Rust 5105) 1966
Put Your Boots Back On The Shelf (Maresca, Zerato)
Crazy Things Like That
Prod : Ernie Maresca

BOOTS WALKER (Rust 5115) 1967
They're Here (Zerato)
A Bum Can't Cry (Maresca)
Prod : Ernie Maresca

THE DEMOTRONS (Cameo 456) 01/67
Beg Borrow and Steal (Joey Day, Lou Zerato)
Midnight In New York (Ron Amodeo, Lawrence Lammatina)
Prod : Joe Amodeo

THE OHIO EXPRESS (Cameo 472) 07/67
Beg Borrow and Steal (Joey Day, Lou Zerato) #29 BB
Prod : Kasenetz - Katz

BOOTS WALKER and The Atomic Energy Commission (Rust 5117) 1967
White Collar Worker (Doug Morris, Elliot Greenberg)
Magic Carpet
Prod : Ernie Maresca

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