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Please see Item Specifics above for information and description.  There are pictures of the labels so you can see song titles and other information.    
RATING (VISUAL)   M = Mint (Rarely used) M- = Near Mint (as close to mint as you will see on 78s. maybe a scuff or a spindle rub) E+ = Excellent + (Still very clean but may have a few more scuffs than M-.) E = Excellent (Very clean with light scuffing. May have a couple of light surface scratches that may only be a minor noise for a couple of revolutions) E- = Excellent - (May have a few more surface scratches and some dirt.  if there is surface noise it is very limited) V+ = Very Good + (This may contain a few deeper scratches that can click but will track through. A fair amount of surface scratches can exist. Some noise but nothing overpowering the music.  Some grooves may show vibration wear but it is limited) V = Very Good (May contain numerous deeper scratches and dirt.  Can have digs or cracks but will track through everything.  May have a fair amount of groove graying that blasts but still tracks through) V- = Very Good - (This is pretty rough. Has all of the attributes of V but the noise is significant.  Everything will still track through) G+ = Good +  (You are in some rough experience here.  I will only list records in G+ if they are rare and they will be priced accordingly if they are Buy It Now. These may have simliar defects as listed above but they may not track through the defects) P = Poor (This had better be one heck of a gem in very rough shape to even be considered.  Does not play or track. May not be complete.  This is only for the rarest of the rare and is rarely used)
Please make sure you are using our rating system. Ours is not that same as some others.   Why does the description say "Needs Cleaning?"  Don't you clean records?   Generally, no.  We recognize the fact that most collectors have their own method of cleaning discs, and my method may not match your method, and in many circles, any method other than the one the customer uses is destroying the disc.  I am selling you your record.  How you want to clean it is up to you.  Sometimes we will give a very light wipe down if it is needed, but this is usually done to verify grading.   We do not play grade records unless there is a problem with the disc to make sure something tracks through.  We have had great success with our visual grading and welcome you to review our feedback.  We have a very high level of DSR for Item As Described and stand by our abilities and our process.
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  International shipping is always cost + materials & handling.  If you are buying multiple records for international shipping, please do not use checkout as the price will not calculate correctly.  We will send you a specific invoice once the items are weighed.  If you choose to use checkout, we will refund the excess cost.  We like to earn our pay off of selling records, not off of shipping charges.


Domestic shipping is for Media Mail.  If you want the records quoted at Priority Mail rates, you need to request this after you receive your initial invoice.    


These are standard procedures.  We sandwich the record between two pieces of corrugated cardboard, secure with tape, place in a 14X14X4 box where the sandwich is surrounded by peanuts.  We always use new boxes.  Our general policy is to not re-use boxes unless it is a larger order.  Larger orders will receive larger boxes.

(Please note our packing system is practical for our volume of sales. If you wish us to package your items in a different fashion then there is a higher handling and materials fee.) 

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