Nurse With Wound & The New Blockaders Changez Les Blockeurs Art Ed Test Pressing
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  • Nurse With Wound & The New Blockaders Changez Les Blockeurs Art Ed Test Pressing

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Nurse With Wound & The New Blockaders Changez Les Blockeurs Art Ed Test Pressing RARE!  

Changez Les Blockeurs





Nurse With Wound & The New Blockaders  



United Dirtier, UK, 2017


One of 10 vinyl Art Edition test pressings released in 2017, of the Nurse With Wound and The New Blockaders collaboration, 'Changez Les Blockeurs'.
Each record is housed in a numbered sleeve featuring a unique sculptured, tactile artwork by Steven Stapleton and a personalised and numbered insert featuring T.N.B manifesto, 'steps out of the space provided' by Richard Rupenus.

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A  Changez Les Blockeurs (Part 1)B  Changez Les Blockeurs (Part 2)


Since Sarah Redpath took over the running of the Nurse With Wound online store, 'misunderstandings', failed orders, failed deliveries, and appalling customer service have ruled. Dealing with Sarah, is like dealing with the Soup Nazi in Seinfeld - "No Soup for YOU!" 
In the latest debacle, over 30 people who ordered the latest NWW re-issue (yes, another re-issue, insuring your original collection becomes devalued), were contacted by Sarah, informing them with the subject line "Clear Vinyl Misunderstanding!!!". "very sorry to have to say that there has been a mistake in the calculating of the number of clear vinyl that we are to receive..we have but a few and we have an over order. "

And who decides who gets a copy, and who misses out - why Sarah does of course! But that is not all, when she replied to inform the 30 people who she selected as being the unworthy ones, and who were going to miss out, she didn't have the courtesy to contact each person individually, she sent out a general email to all 30, Ccing all the addr., so everyone can see who has missed out, and then anyone's reply goes to everyone on that list.

Sarah is incapable of keeping books, incapable of keeping time, incapable of managing orders, incapable of basic courtesy, and certainly incapable of any kind of customer service, or skill set to solve problems. 

Let's face it, Sarah is just plain incompetent, rude and arrogant, and should not be running the store. 

Steve & Sarah love blaming other people, for their own incompetence. You only have to view the news announcements on their NWW web site, to see endless excuses for things going wrong, and it is always someone else who is to blame. Never Sarah, or Steve!


Here are some recent examples:



October 17, 2018

Hot on the heels of Nurse With Wound’s superb appearance at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London we have added a selection of merchandise that was either available at the gig, or unavailable at the gig due to stupidity on the part of other people.


Nerve Junction
This is the latest of the Nurse With Wound Limited Edition Handmade CD’s and was unavailable at the show due to the ineptitude of the venue!


Speaking of T-shirts we had planned to sell a very special commemorative T-shirt at the London gig. However due to the ineptitude of the parcel company this time rather than the venue - and after a comedy of unfunny errors trying to locate the parcel on the day of the gig! - we have now had it sent over to us in Ireland. Once it arrives we will list it in our shop and let you know.


November 8, 2018

Apologies to anyone who is still waiting on their copy of ‘Changez Les Blockeurs And’. There has been a delay beyond our control meaning we have yet to receive our copies. However we hope to very soon and will post them out as soon as we do.

November 16, 2018

FINALLY we have the T-shirt in stock that was meant to be available at the recent Nurse With Wound concert in London. These shirts have travelled god knows where over the last month and have now found their way home to Ireland.

Sarah repeatedly makes a mess of things, and Steve tries to clean up after her. And their way of dealing with these issues is always the same - to blame other people for the mess. It is always the 'ineptitude' of someone else - "venue", "parcel company", "other people", etc. The fact of the matter is, there is only one person responsible for all the ineptitude, associated with NWW releases and events - and that person is Sarah Redpath! 


There are growing numbers of Nurse fans out there, who absolutely hate Sarah, and cannot stand dealing with her, or her attitude. Anyone who stands up to her, or to Steve, gets blacklisted. Should we all bow our heads, and be silent? I don't think so! If NWW want to blacklist fans and unhappy customers, let them do it. Soon there will be no one on their list, and no one will buy their releases.  

 Check out my other items. I have other NWW, C93 and COIL and COIL-related rarities, which I have currently listed, and will be listing. I also have the original CD release of Visitors (which has also been signed), as well as Art Editions of the Wounded Galaxies.... CD available, as well as other artworks, prints & rare releases by Ossian Brown, Cyclobe & COIL. I also have other rare limited edition prints available by Current 93, including the sister print to this one: "I Arose As Aleph, The Speller, The Killer", as well as numerous posters, and other signed prints. I also have a number of prints by Cyclobe, Nurse With Wound, COIL, etc.  And also prints released by Three Hands Press, including Daniel Schulke's "The Theriomorph", a larger-scale letterpress print, and also have a number of the last remaining high quality prints of Andrew Chumbley's Shaitan-Eroto-Thanat-Ophia.  I also have numerous rare & out of print book titles, currently listed, with more to come.


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Check out my other items!

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