Nick Drake LP.....ORIGINAL Five leaves left PINK Island 1st pressing.....RARE
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Just found in a box which has been stored in a room for years!!

If you are looking at this then it doesn't really need any introduction (especially from an amateur like me) and you'll probably know more about it too but....selling on behalf of a relative and hope to 1 get a decent price and 2 see it go to a good home.

I can only describe how it plays on my system which is great so.....

See the 2 "articles" in this month's Record Collector!!

Dropped in price to give somebody a bargain.

Surely a good investment LP. If I could afford it, I'd buy it myself........

Nick Drake.

Five leaves left (ILPS 9105).

Gatefold sleeve.

No large splits but wear on edges as seen in the pictures. Smells a little musty but to be honest I'm just pleased it didn't have water damage so anything else was a bonus. Wear on spine and top/bottom edges (as usual) but spine still readable. Name written in very small writing at the top right on the back cover (just above Nick standing against the wall). Small split (less than a cm) at the bottom on record part of sleeve but record not in sleeve anymore so...... From what I can see, the green ink easily rubs off so this isn't that bad (also seen 3 copies now with the almost identical mark at the bottom, weird!).

It is a first pressing as far as I can work out. Correct Stamped matrix numbers (ILPS 9105 A//2 and B//2) and the 2 tracks on Side 1 are reversed as listed in the Rare Record Guide (Record collector). Please see pics to see what I mean. It is the sleeve that has the tracks in the wrong order.

Vinyl looks lovely although there is the 1 small "scratch/mark" but nothing drastic or anything that seems to affect play as I have just listened to both sides and there isn't even any "noise" inbetween most of the tracks. I'd say that there are a couple of quiet pops in places but definitely EX at least (1 or 2 "loud" pops on the 4th track on Side A over the "scratch/mark"). It has some quiet crackle on the end of track 2/beginning of track 3 but I'm being reallly picky! Last track has some quiet pops too. According to another one listed they all have "sound" on the quieter tracks but this is better I believe (as the description).

A proper professional clean may make it sound even better (in the odd place where there is background "noise") so.............

Pink "i" labels that look lovely except for some light "dirty" marks on the label on Side 1 and spindle marks on both sides too. As you can see it is the "smooth" label (as it seems there is a textured one too!). Also has the proper Made in England.

You will not be disappointed (in fact I think you will be well happy if you purchase this). Please see my feedback for reassurance.

Please feel free to email me if any questions or more pictures wanted.

Still "some meat on the bone" as the American Pickers say...

 Thanks for looking.

Good Luck.


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