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Nelson Riddle - Batman (Exclusive Original Television Soundtrack Album) (LP, Album, RP)

Artist Nelson Riddle Title Batman (Exclusive Original Television Soundtrack Album) Label Mercury, 20th Century Fox Records, Phonogram Cat No BATMN 1, BATMN 1, 834 908-1|Comments Format
1 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress
Format Quantity 1 Media Condition Very Good Plus (VG+) Sleeve Condition Very Good Plus (VG+) Comments PositionTitleDurationA1Batman ThemeA2Batman Riddles The Riddler! - Or - (Hi Diddle Riddle)A3Batus! -A-Go! Go! - Or - (I Shouldn't Wish To Attract Attention)A4Two Perfectly Ordinary People - Or - (!!!)A5Holy-Hole-In-The-Doughnut - Or - (Robin, You've Done It Again!)A6Batman Pows The Penguin - Or - (Aha, My Fine-Feathered Finks!)B1To The Batmobile!B2Batman BluesB3Holy FlypaperB4Batman Thaws Mr. Freeze - Or - (That's The Way The Ice-Cube Crumbles!)B5Gotham CityB6Zelda Tempts Batman - Or - (Must He Go It Alone????)


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