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** First Pressing Stampers ULP-7095A / ULP-7095B **
Record has NEVER been played.  It was removed from inner sleeve for 1st time on 6/23 to take photos for this listing.
Red & Silver Label / Original Mono / "Suppressed" Urania Release / US Press 1953  Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 in E Flat Major, Op. 55 "The Eroica"      Wilhelm Furtwangler, conducting          The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra [VPO]
Cover Art by Robert Galster.  Program Notes by Marguerite Butler. 

Record Grading: Sides 1 and 2:   NM- This record has *NEVER* been played.  It was very snug/secure in its original rice-paper inner sleeve.  Given the tight fit, I carefully cut the seam of the inner sleeve to minimize any scuffing or paper marks when I removed it for visual inspection and to capture stamper detail.  It shows high gloss and is obviously in beautiful condition.  Most sellers would list this as Mint/New.  I am a very strict/conservative grader and am marking this down to a NM- simply to account for any remnants inherent to the original packaging process.  Experienced collectors know that fine cardboard dust or bits of paper from the original sleeve are most reliable evidence that a record has never been played. My policy is to let you clean this off with your own equipment, using your own preferred cleaning methods.  I will include the original sleeve, but have already transferred the LP to an anti-static, acid-free MoFi poly liner, in which it will ship. 
Jacket Grading:  NM- Jacket is in absolutely fantastic condition.  Rich/deep, glossy colors with no signs of fading or aging.  Seams are in beautiful shape - sturdy, strong & straight with no split seams.  Corners are in remarkable shape and show almost no evidence of handling or wear.  Title is clear/legible on jacket spine.  No tape, repairs, tears or writing. Again, being a strict grader, I have marked this down to a NM- due to the tiniest bit of separation between the bottom left corner and the white laminate/tape border.  Also for some light discoloration and "ghost" streaking on the back cover along the bottom edge and a faint,  red stamped/stenciled "L 6" in the bottom right corner.  I am fairly certain these all occurred during the original printing process.  They are extremely minor concerns, but still worth calling out.   
Overall Grading: NM- A remarkable album in remarkable condition.  Please review the 12 high resolution, close-up photos that I have included with this listing to assist in bidding decisions.  I recently sold my duplicate copy of this LP here on eBay. The winning bidder was extremely pleased with his purchase.  With a few mouse-clicks you can easily verify that on my seller-feedback page.  This is/was MY personal copy. I was not planning to part with it, but circumstances have changed.  Such is life.   If you have been patiently waiting for a copy to bid on, you would be hard-pressed to find a nicer one. Condition-wise, it is nearly perfect in every way.  
As a historical note, almost immediately after URLP 7095 was first issued, Furtwangler took legal action to stop the sale of the recording. The label Urania went to GREAT lengths to reclaim all existing stock/inventory from the stores that it had already been shipped to. This is not only the rarest Furtwangler album, but one of the rarest of ALL classical recordings.  Given that, there will be a 'Handling Fee' of $35 to cover enhanced protective packaging materials, insurance, & signature confirmation services. I will be happy to work with the buyer to follow any special requests for packaging and shipping methods.   



Shipping Policy:
All LPs are secured with bubble-wrap and carefully placed in proper mailers with specialized cardboard inserts for reinforcement. LPs will be shipped in their inner sleeve, stored outside of the record jacket to avoid damage in transit. Box sets are mailed with the LPs remaining inside, after placing thin sheets of packing paper or bubble-wrap inside to further reduce movement of contents.   
I am happy to combine auction items to reduce your shipping costs.  However, if you want multiple items to mailed in one package DO NOT PAY until you are done bidding. 
I mail purchased items very quickly, typically same day, but ONLY to the address specified in the original request. 

Return Policy:
Please read my return policy carefully before bidding. It will minimize surprises and misunderstandings.
1.  My shipping costs are nonrefundable.  Return shipping costs are the buyers responsibility. 
2.  My listings include high resolution, close-up photos taken under bright light. Please review them before making bidding decisions. I am happy to send additional photos upon request. 
3.  Returns may be requested up to 30 days after item is delivered.  Refunds will be issued only after the returned item is in hand and confirmed to be in the same condition as pictured in the original listing. SEALED ITEMS MUST BE RETURNED SEALED. "NEVER PLAYED" RECORDS MUST BE RETURNED UN-PLAYED. 
4.  When purchasing "never played" records, you may see remnants from the original packaging process on the LP.  My policy is to let you clean this off with your own equipment. Experienced collectors know that fine cardboard dust or bits of paper from the original sleeve are most reliable evidence that a record has never been played.  Refunds will NOT be given to those claiming LPs were graded incorrectly because of these remnants.  For more information on this topic visit the websites of a trusted RCM manufacturer such as VPI, Record Doctor, Okki Nokki, or Nitty Gritty.



 I am new to eBay, but have been ensuring 100% satisfaction for 20+ years in my professional life as the Director of Customer Service at a Fortune 500 Company.
Any item that you purchase from me comes out of my personal library. I am first and foremost a music lover & collector, not a dealer or bulk seller. I am auctioning off a few choice pieces as I have simply run out of storage space. The majority of the items that I sell are duplicate copies looking for a good home and a pair of keen, appreciative ears. Please enjoy this music with family, friends and loved ones!!

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy ~ Ludwig van Beethoven

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