NEIL YOUNG Coming Home TMOQ 73028 Live 1973 Trade Mark of Quality TMQ
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NEIL YOUNG Coming Home TMOQ 73028 Live 1973 Trade Mark of Quality TMQ

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FORMAT: 12" record, 33-1/3RPM  
ARTIST: Neil Young
TITLE: Coming Home
NUMBER:  73028
MONO/STEREO: stereo ?

GRADE & DESCRIPTION (RECORD): (see also record grading notes below)
8- some light marks and streaks are largely superficial, but these and the typically low-budget TMoQ pressing will likely cause some static level noise at times and/or light ticks / ticking. Nothing serious. Labels are a bit blotchy.
GRADE & DESCRIPTION (COVER): (see also record grading notes below)
7 generic white cover with 1-color graphic pasted onto it is a bit water damaged.

CLEAN ALL RECORDS BEFORE PLAYING FOR BEST RESULTS. We administer a damp cloth cleaning in some cases, but do not assume records are thoroughly clean when you receive them.


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Record Grading Notes and other important seller info:
We are an eBay seller specializing in Vinyl of all types and genres. We do sell other items, mostly music related, but the primary focus is VINYL, through which we have built up most of our great feedback over the last ten years. Vinyl or otherwise, we try to research our items thoroughly, and extensively document them both verbally and/or photographically in our listings, so that prospective buyers can make informed decisions about bidding. When we are short on knowledge for any particular item, we say so, and try to refrain from any subjective assessment of the item, preferring instead to let the facts and photos speak for themselves. The images in each listing should give bidders a general idea of the appearance and quality of an item. None of the images has been altered in any way, and the images you see in each listing depict the actual item being auctioned unless noted otherwise. Any prospective bidder should take a look our feedback page and bid with confidence, as many hundreds of other satisfied eBayers have done over the past ten years. If you have questions about anything, PLEASE ASK! Thanks for looking and good luck!

Record Grading Notes
Below are guidelines. Bidders can assume that we have not play tested a record unless the listing suggests otherwise. Please review our feedback and trust that we try to grade records conservatively and as accurately as possible. On the rare occasions when obvious mistakes or oversights in grading occur, we do offer (and have issued) refunds including your shipping. Refunds will definitely NOT be offered in the case of disputes over subjective condition issues. Again, please review and trust the feedback and have faith in our efforts to be fair and accurate.
is unopened and looks fairly untouched.
vinyl appears fairly pristine, might have a few insignificant marks. Cover might show slight signs of handling or age.
has some light marks on glossy vinyl which are assumed to produce little significant noise; some light lead-in or trail-off or dead spot noise is possible, little elsewhere. Cover has some clear signs of handling and/or age and maybe a mild version of some of the defects listed under 6 below.
will show many light marks and/or scuffs and/or scratches, some of which will definitely produce intermittent audible noise which will likely be heard through the music to varying degree. Cover shows a combination of mild to moderate symptoms of the defects listed under 6 below.
shows some general wear on vinyl including some loss of lustre and scuffs and scratching. It is assumed that many of these marks will produce frequent audible noise which can usually be heard easily through the music. Overall this is an obviously flawed but still somewhat enjoyable play. Cover will show some of the following: edge wear/scaling, seam splits, ring wear/rub, bent corners, creases, graphic blemishes, stickers present and/or removed.
will show general scuffing and scratching on vinyl, with noise almost throughout yet playable (we usually play grade these). Cover shows many aggravated symptoms of the defects listed under 6 above. 5 is the lowest I will sell for LP's, and only in cases of special interest or rarity. I WILL sell 45's in this condition and less.

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