*NEAR MINT*RARE*Beatles ”Introducing the Beatles” VJ STEREO AD BACK Version 1
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  • *NEAR MINT*RARE*Beatles ”Introducing the Beatles” VJ STEREO AD BACK  Version 1

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I acquired this album at a tag sale about 18 years ago. I didn’t know much about collector’s albums, I just had a Beatles collection and was adding to t with this unique record....or so I thought. I placed it in an album frame immediately and hung it in my wall, it’s been in the frame ever since. I spent some time a few years ago researching this album and was shocked at what I had hanging on my wall! I moved from FL to CT last fall, and I got rid of a lot of stuff from my collection, but vowed to delve deeper into my Beatle Record research once I got settled and get it to a collector that truly deserves it and will take great pride in it. So here we are...


Cover-This is a Version 1 cover with the RARE ad back! The cover is in NEAR MINT condition! Been in the original Sears cellophane since before I purchased it 15 years ago, and in a frame(included with purchase) ever since!

•VG+! No splits, no tears, no ring wear! Small fray at the top right corner.

•All "Ad Back" covers were manufactured with front slicks containing the phrase “Printed in U.S.A.” running vertically along its lower left side.??

•The stereo covers have the white top banner with “STEREOPHONIC” centered in grey and the number SR 1062 in black in the upper right-hand corner.??

•Has the OVAL Vee Jay Labels, both of which are NM.

Record-From what I can gather, the vinyl is what’s considered the “1st Label” for Version 1 covers

•Black Rainbow label with Oval Vee-Jay logo??

•MR1A-states words “Long Playing” "Microgroove" in upper & lower case font.??

•"INTRODUCING … THE BEATLES" and "THE BEATLES" above the spindle hole.??

•"P.S. I LOVE YOU" and "LOVE ME DO" found only on VERSION 1 copies.??

•Date engraved on Side 2: 6-28-63

*I am not an expert. I describe the items as I see them to the best of my ability, and utilize my own research to find the details and values of the items. The items are described as pictured. The values I’ve set are based on multiple resources like and the latest Beatles Price Guides, as well as watching eBay for similar or identical items and what they go for. I’ve been researching the items in my Beatles collection for years this way. Please feel free to ask about any details I may have forgotten to include or look for, I’d be happy to add more specific photos or details.

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