Muslimgauze - Chasing the Shadow... 11xLP Box Set GOLD EDITION 99 copies ONLY

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Muslimgauze - Chasing the Shadow... 11xLP Box Set GOLD EDITION 99 copies ONLY

Muslimgauze – Chasing The Shadow Of Bryn Jones 1983-1988 GOLD EMBOSSED EDITION WITH RED VINYL! LIMITED TO 99 COPIES TOTAL!!!

BEYOND Ultra-rare, numbered set, with certificate....This is without question the absolute holy grail for any collector of Muslimgauze (or even just vinyl collectors/investors with deep knowledge). Only 500 total copies of this entire set were ever made...with 401 on black vinyl with silver embossed box, slipcase, and book. A very special 99 copies were made with GOLD embossments, and ALL vinyls pressed on RED 180 gram vinyls. These were never available for sale to the public and only given to friends and family of Bryn Jones!!!  You will NOT find this available anywhere else....for ANY price! This unbelievable set contains not only 11xLPs (actually 12, as Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye / Hammer And Sickle are combined onto one LP), all housed in an extremely heavyweight slip-book with original album artwork printed on each "sleeve", and also including the additional 10" LP of the Coup d'Etat album (also on RED 180g vinyl). The slipcase the vinyls fit into is housed in a larger, hard heavyweight box with it's own GOLD embossing that also houses the 208-page hardbound book (also gold embossed) by Ibrahim Khider detailing the life, history, music and art work of Muslimgauze / Bryn Jones.

This is an incredibly well crafted set, with extreme attention payed to quality at every detail. All records are remastered using Direct Metal mastering. Everything is in perfect, flawless condition. Box was not shrink wrapped when received as a gift, however the book was, and remains in it's shrink wrap. All 11x RED 180g LP's are unplayed. If you tried to buy (if you could even achieve it!) all that was included in this set it would easily be over $1000...and that wouldn't include the box, book, or other things making this set so unbelievably special. The set contains all of Muslimgauze / Bryn's earliest and most impossible to find recordings on remastered vinyl including:

Hunting Out With an Aerial Eye / Hammer and Sickle
Buddhist on Fire
Blinded Horses
Abu Nidal
The Rape of Palestine


an additional very special 10" of Coup d'Etat


a compilation CD, unique only to this set titled "A Putrid Oasis"


Opaques A1 Milena Jesenska 5:41 A2 Cyst 4:20 A3 Anatomy 5:07 A4 Enfilade 4:54 A5 Afrikaner 1:08 A6 Afrikaner 6:12 B1 Taoist 18:55 B2 Melena Jesenska 4:42
Kabul C1 Kaaba 2:04 C2 Icon Screen 4:56 C3 Muslin Gauze Muslim Prayer 6:14 C4 Turkish-Koln 5:29 C5 Melee 3:13 C6 Dissidents 4:01 D1 Kabul 13:40 D2 Ex 6:59 D3 Metropolis 2:14 D4 Trans/Time 3:27
Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye / Hammer And Sickle E1 Under The Hand Of Jaruzelski 6:10 E2 Ensan Entehari 5:25 E3 Empty Quarter (Pt I) 10:19 E4 Dissidents In Exile 3:51 F1 Hammer & Sickle 7:06 F2 Fear Of Gadaffi 3:47 F3 Nettle Cloth 1:49 F4 Baize Tents 2:51 F5 The Asphalt Jungle 2:35 F6 Execute The Monkey 7:28
Buddhist On Fire G1 Soviet Occupied Territories 5:38 G2 Turkish Falaka 8:20 G3 Priest 6:54 H1 Reuters 6:34 H2 Dissidents In Exile 13:29 H3 Under The Hand Of Jaruzelski 6:03
Blinded Horses I1 Byzantine Crucifixion 6:21 I2 Zebra Slaughter 4:57 I3 Palestine 8:38 J1 Death Of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale 8:48 J2 Political Asylum 9:12 J3 Sudanese Amputate The Hands Of Thieves 4:19 J4 Sakharov 4:27
Flajelata K1 Sjamboks 5:29 K2 Mujahideen 5:41 K3 Hezbollah 4:27 K4 Flajelata 5:21 L1 Homily To Popieluszko 2:06 L2 Cahcot 6:18 L3 Samizdat 6:15 L4 Émigré 1:48 L5 Iranian Martyrs 6:56
Hajj M1 Charnel 6:02 M2 Under Black Light 6:38 M3 Somnambulists 5:02 M4 New Delhi Flogging 6:29 N1 X Ajza Of Martyrdome 19:25 N2 Unwelcome Visitors 4:56
Jazirat-Ul-Arab O1 Arms Of The Koran 6:16 O2 The Divine Cause 5:28 O3 Sabra 5:03 P1 Bourj-El-Barajneh 8:19 P2 Mäia? 6:07 P3 Chatila 3:02 P4 Green Is The Colour Of The Prophet 5:03
Abu Nidal Q1 Gulfwar (Part One) 3:56 Q2 Gulfwar (Part Two) 8:39 Q3 Gulfwar (Part Three) 6:35 R1 Abu Nidal 7:25 R2 Green Is The Colour Of The Prophet 8:22 R3 Fatwa (Religious Decree Giving Recourse To Terrorism) 6:11 R4 Gulf-War (Remix) 3:49
The Rape Of Palestine S1 Shadow Of The West 8:19 S2 The Muslim City 5:45 S3 A Nation 3:51 T1 Ways Of Faith Part 1 5:11 T2 Ways Of Faith Part 2 5:01 T3 The Power Of The Word Part 1 5:23 T4 The Power Of The Word Part 2 4:24
Coup D'Etat U1 Tabula Rasa 6:13 U2 Tonton Macoutes 6:14 U3 Emeute 6:13 V1 Degage 5:32 V2 Sapere Aude 3:22 V3 Una Voce 8:40
A Putrid Oasis CD1 Gold Kalpakcilar Dome - Part 1/2 3:41 CD2 A Putrid Oasis 2:51 CD3 How Rustem, The Thief, Moves Through Fire 5:01 CD4 Memsahib Of Gub And Ghee 3:57 CD5 Bilechik Mule 5:33 CD6 Untitled 7:00 CD7 Suttee 8:10 CD8 Jawani Zindabad 5:35 CD9 Sapere Aude 3:37 CD10 Saladin Mercy 7:06 CD11 Sulaymaniyah 4:12 CD12 Palestine Is Our Izlamic Land - Part 1 6:02 CD13 Marseille - Part 2 3:06 CD14 Sadaambush 2:02 CD15 Zenana Of Ugly Thoughts 8:25

If you have any questions or concerns please ask before bidding as all bids are final and no returns accepted. I also absolutely reserve the right to cancel any order due to low feedback, poor feedback, or to any country with a less than reputable postal service. If you have any questions about the item, shipping to your country, or anything else please ASK! Thanks!!!

Box will be shipped via media mail unless other service specifically asked and paid for!!! ALL options available but you must inquire in order to get them, including insurance if you want it!


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