Muslimgauze – Chasing The Shadow Of Bryn Jones 1983-1988, Box Set, 10x Vinyl

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Muslimgauze – Chasing The Shadow Of Bryn Jones 1983-1988, Box Set, 10x Vinyl

Muslimgauze – Chasing The Shadow Of Bryn Jones 1983-1988, Box Set, 10x Vinyl

A1Milena Jesenska5:41A2Cyst4:20A3Anatomy5:07A4Enfilade4:54A5Afrikaner1:08B1Taoist18:55B2Milena Jesenska4:42KabulC1Kaaba2:04C2Icon Screen4:56C3Muslin Gauze Muslim Prayer6:14C4Turkish-Koln5:29C5Melee3:13C6Dissidents4:01D1Kabul13:40D2Ex6:59D3Metropolis2:14D4Trans/Time3:27Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye / Hammer And SickleE1Under The Hand Of Jaruzelski6:10E2Ensan Entehari5:25E3Empty Quarter (Pt I)10:19E4Dissidents In Exile3:51F1Hammer & Sickle7:06F2Fear Of Gadaffi3:47F3Nettle Cloth1:49F4Baize Tents2:51F5The Asphalt Jungle2:35F6Execute The Monkey7:28Buddhist On FireG1Soviet Occupied Territories5:38G2Turkish Falaka8:20G3Priest6:54H1Reuters6:34H2Dissidents In Exile13:29H3Under The Hand Of Jaruzelski6:03Blinded HorsesI1Byzantine Crucifixion6:21I2Zebra Slaughter4:57I3Palestine8:38J1Death Of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale8:48J2Political Asylum9:12J3Sudanese Amputate The Hands Of Thieves4:19J4Sakharov4:27FlajelataK1Sjamboks5:29K2Mujahideen5:41K3Hezbollah4:27K4Flajelata5:21L1Homily To Popieluszko2:06L2Cahcot6:18L3Samizdat6:15L4Émigré1:48L5Iranian Martyrs6:56HajjM1Charnel6:02M2Under Black Light6:38M3Somnambulists5:02M4New Delhi Flogging6:29N1X Ajza Of Martyrdome19:25N2Unwelcome Visitors4:56Jazirat-Ul-ArabO1Arms Of The Koran6:16O2The Divine Cause5:28O3Sabra5:03P1Bourj-El-Barajneh8:19P2Mäia?6:07P3Chatila3:02P4Green Is The Colour Of The Prophet5:03Abu NidalQ1Gulfwar (Part One)3:56Q2Gulfwar (Part Two)8:39Q3Gulfwar (Part Three)6:35R1Abu Nidal7:25R2Green Is The Colour Of The Prophet8:22R3Fatwa (Religious Decree Giving Recourse To Terrorism)6:11R4Gulf-War (Remix)3:49The Rape Of PalestineS1Shadow Of The West8:19S2The Muslim City5:45S3A Nation3:51T1Ways Of Faith Part 15:11T2Ways Of Faith Part 25:01T3The Power Of The Word Part 15:23T4The Power Of The Word Part 24:24A Putrid Oasis1Gold Kalpakcilar Dome - Part 1/23:412A Putrid Oasis2:513How Rustem, The Thief, Moves Through Fire5:014Memsahib Of Gub And Ghee3:575Bilechik Mule5:336Untitled7:007Suttee8:108Jawani Zindabad5:359Sapere Aude3:3710Saladin Mercy7:0611Sulaymaniyah4:1212Palestine Is Our Izlamic Land - Part 16:0213Marseille - Part 23:0614Sadaambush2:0215Zenana Of Ugly Thoughts8:25

Limited edition of 500 numbered copies.

The box set consists of a hard slipcase, 10 LPs in a book-like folder (designed by Sandro Schleier of ITAE Exclusive Design Lab), a 208 page book about the life of Bryn Jones written by Ibrahim Khider (designed by Eric Kessel and Simon Crab), a compilation CD (released in cooperation with Soleilmoon), and a numbered certificate. LPs pressed on 180 gram vinyl and cut with Direct Metal Mastering. 

The concept and production of this box set is a collaboration between Yuen Kim Wah of Ultra-Mail Prod. and Frank Maier of VOD-Records. 

LP1 Opaques (Tape) 1983 Product Kinematopgraph 
LP2 Kabul (LP) 1983 Product Kinematopgraph 
LP3 Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye (12") 1984 LIMITED 1 / Hammer & Sickle (7") 1983 
LP4 Buddhist On Fire (LP), 1984 Recloose 
LP5 Blinded Horses (LP, Album) 1985 LIMITED 2 
LP6 Flajelata (LP, Album) 1986 LIMITED 3 
LP7 Hajj (LP, Album) 1986 LIMITED 4 
LP8 Jazirat-Ul-Arab (LP, Album) 1987 LIMITED 5 
LP9 Abu Nidal (LP, Album) 1987 LIMITED 6 
LP10 The Rape Of Palestine (LP, Album) 1988 LIMITED 7 

Bonus tracks: 
A6 from Integration, ICR, 1983 
B2 from The Elephant Table Album, X Tract, 1983 
C6 from Life At The Top, Third Mind Records / Abstract Magazine, 1984 
D3 and D4 from The Last Supper, Adventures In Reality, 1984 
E4 from Trucchi Senza Volto, Megamagomusic, 1984 
F5 from Film Noir - American Style, Ding Dong Records And Tapes, 1984 
F6 from Not By Chance, Frux, 1984 
H3 from Beyond Step One, Sound Of Pig, 1984 
J3 from Terra Incognita I, Auxilio De Cientos, 1985 
J4 from Born Out Of Dreams, Frux, 1985 
L5 from Nemesis 1, Nemesis, 1986 
M4 from Songs From The New International, Recloose Organisation, 1986 
N2 from Hits $ Corruption / Skin $ Bone, Hits $ Corruption, 1986 
P4 from Nightlands, Final Image, 1987 
R4 from Provoke N° 3, Provoke, 1988 

A Putrid Oasis (Sol168 / VOD121.CD) 
1 from Alms For Iraq, recorded in 1995, released in 2003 
2 from Galilee Stone, recorded in 1994, previously unreleased 
3 from Sufiq, recorded in 1997, released in 2000 
4 from Fakir Sind, recorded in 1998, released in 1999 
5 from Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass, recorded in 1998, released in 1999 
6 from Remixs Vol. 2, recorded and released in 1997 
7 from Farouk Enjineer, recorded and released in 1997 
8 from Vote Hezbollah, recorded in 1992, released in 1993 
9 from Abu Nidal, recording date unknown, released in 1987 
10 from Gun Aramaic, recorded in 1994/1995, released in 1995 
11 from Mazar-I-Sharif, recorded in 1997 and released in 1998 
12 from Arab Quarter, recorded in 1995/1996, and released in 1996 
13 from Lahore & Marseille, recorded in 1997, released in 1998 
14 from Arabbox, recorded in 1993, released in 2003 
15 from Fakir Sind, recorded in 1998, released in 1999
 791 (GS 7.0.6 (791))
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