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I have up for auction the extremely rare and hard to find original authentic first mono pressing of  The Beatles: Meet The Beatles Capitol T 2047  This is the pressing which does not have the BMI or ASCAP Credits after the song listings on the label.  One of the terrific things about this auction is I will provide potential bidders with many photos which will enable you to determine if you would like to bid on this item.  Mr. Perry Cox, as well as several other esteemed authorities on Beatles memorabilia, have estimated that there are only approximately 250,000 of these LPs left in existence.  Further, these authorities submit that most existing copies are in VG or less condition.  The item you are bidding on falls under that category.  I have graded this LP as a VG- both in terms of a Play Grade and as a Visual Grade.  I will give a more detailed analysis, for those who like to know what they may potentially be bidding on.

This LP had been play-tested by me on a Denon DP-30 LII turntable with an ADC PSX-30 Cartridge today at 7:30 PM EST. 

The LP did not skip on either side and did not have any loud "pops" when played on my stereo system, which is extremely unforgiving and sensitive.  There is moderate crackling throughout on both sides, but I would not say that it was an overwhelming distraction. 

Even the "softer" songs like "This Boy" or "Till There was You" played through without popping, although the "crackling was more audible.   As "Meet The Beatles" is a rather loud and raucous type LP,  it played extremely well on the faster, louder, and more rocking numbers.  Even though my purpose was to listen very hard for "problems", I found myself bopping away playing air guitar on "It Won't Be Long".  My assessment on my performance will not be revealed, but I shall tell you that my air guitar is "Poor." :) 

The evaluation on the "crackling" was that it was far less noticeable, even to the point of not being heard on some of the louder tracks such as "I Saw Her Standing There", "It Won't Be Long", and Don't Bother Me."  Also,  Side 2 seemed less "crackly" than Side 1, in my overall play evaluation.

Visually, the LP's vinyl still maintains a nice gloss.  It must be kept in mind that there are numerous "hairlines" and scruffs on both sides.  These are visible to the eye under any type of light.  Nothing can be felt on the surface with one's fingertips and, by no means, is this an LP that one looks at and says "it's trashed."  Conversely, it looks like a 41 year old record which has actually been very well-cared for.  It was an LP that was played several times, but an LP which was handled appropriately throughout it's lifetime.

I have seen and purchased albums exactly in this condition which were graded as a solid VG by the seller.  I could probably do that and you would be "okay" with that grade, but I am not comfortable doing that, as my standards are harsher than Goldmines for many reasons, not the least of which is that I expect accurate grading from sellers that I buy from.  In sum, the vinyl is a VG- and that is what you are bidding on.

Matrix: (Side 1)  The heavy stamped T1-2047-G 2 then a #2 which is slightly above the last number.   (Side2) is identical, except that the stamper is G 4  Both sides have the triangle with the I AM.

The inner sleeve, which is included obviously in this auction, is the Captiol Royal Blue Issue sleeve.  It is in VG condition, nice and flat, but has a 4 and 1/2 inch seam split on the bottom.  There is also a small split on the side which can be repaired.  I will ship the LP in a new plain white sleeve as to not damage the original Capitol one.  Again, the Royal Blue Sleeve can either be repaired or another one can be bought.

The Jacket is extremly intriguing to me as the usual "Beatles" is not the definitive Brown lettering which one sees with many of the early pressings.  Rather, it is an "Olive" color.  The front of the cover is a VG to a VG+ in my grading for there are no pen marks or names, only a very slight peel of the paper on the lower left hand side.  I can barely detect any ringwear.  It is quite clean, in fact.  The reverse side is also free of pen (Thank the stars!).  It, too, is unscathed for the most part and the background is only a little bit off-white due to age.  All the print is clear.  This is a number 3 RIAA jacket.   This side gets a similar grade of VG to VG+.

The jacket has some problems beginning with the spine.  There is a one inch area, from the top of the spine, which is worn to the cardboard.  In addition, and this is an anomoly of the jacket, the spine print isn't on the spine.  It is shifted to the back cover.  Although the area of the spine where the print normally is remains free of wear, there is no print!  The print of "Meet The Beatles" and T 2047 is on the fringe, on the reverse side.  I am not sure if I am going to downgrade the jacket because of a manufacturer issue, but it is worth mentioning.  3 of the four cornewr have moderate balding (so do I so I can relate).  The top and bottome rim are intact as is the spine's structure and there are no seam splits to report.  Minor paper tears exist but the paper may be able to be reapplied by a gentle hand.  In sum I give the jacket a VG grade.

Shipping/Handling:  For a winning US Bidder, I will ship the LP either by USPS Media Mail, Insured, and with Delivery Confirmation for $4.50.  The winning bidder may also choose USPS Priority Mail for $7.75 with the same features.

Europe:  Shipping to the UK and surrounding areas is $15.00 via Airmail Letter Post.  Be advised that I cannot insure an album via Letter Airmail Post and it is extremely expensive and may not be cost effective to ship this Registered Mail which is another $10.00 added to that $15.00 fee.  Rest assured, I have never lost an LP via the postal system.  Payment must be in US Dollars, my dear overseas friends.  I also must request payment via PayPal and I do not charge extra for this service.  My wish is that, as an overseas buyer, you understand that I must be paid in US currency.  That's all I ask :)

Canada:  I believe that postage costs are $10.00 or so via Airmail Letter Post.

Rest of the World:  e-mail me your address PRIOR To Bidding.  If you do not, be prepared to pay what it costs me!!!


Happy Bidding.

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