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Complete recording of Parisian Mozart compositions (1763 and 1778) Including FERNAND OUBRADOUS LILY LASKINE -  LAZARE-LEVY  - VLADO PERLEMUTER  LUCETTE DESCAVES SAMSON FRANÇOIS QUATUOR PASCAL  etc LEGENDARY MYTHICAL french MONO box set has not been on ebay for a long time 

TRACKLISTING191: "Concerto for harpsichord and violin k. sup. 56" / "Sonata for harpsichord and violin k.6, k.7, k.8 and k.9" / with Jacques Dumont (violin), Robert Veyron-Lacroix (harpsichord) and Fernand Oubradous (conductor) / "Kyrie k.33" with J. Cellier (soprano), S.Michel (contralto), J.Giraudeau (tenor) and M.Roux (bass) 
192: "Symphonie concertante k.297" by Oubradous (conductor), P.Pierlot (oboe), J.Lancelot (clarinet), P.Delvescovo (horn) and P.Hongne (bassoon) / "Grande ouverture in B flat major k. supp. I N°8" by Oubradous (conductor) 
193: "Concerto for harp and flute in C major k.299" / "Andante for flute and orchestra k.315" with Lili Laskine (harp), François-Julien Brun (flute) and Oubradous (conductor) DTX 194: "Symphonie parisienne K 297" / "Les Petits riens" by Oubradous (conductor) 
195: "Popoli di Tessaglia K. 316" by Annick Simon (soprano) and Oubradous (conductor) / "Strings quartet k. supp. 212" by Pascal quartet / "Ah vous dirai-je maman - 12 variations K. 265" by Samson François (piano) / "sonata for violin and piano K. 306" by René Benedetti (violin) and Vlado Perlemuter (piano) 
196: "Sonata in A minor K.310" by Lazare-Levy (piano) / "La belle Françoise - 12 Variations K.353" by Jean Doyen (piano), "Lison dormait - 9 variations K.395" and "Prelude k.395" by Jeanne-Marie Darré (piano) / "Sonata for violin& piano K.304" by Roland Charmy (violin)& Vlado Perlemuter (piano) 
197: "Sonata in C major k.330" by Aline Van Barentzen (piano) / "Sonata in A major k.331" by Marcel Ciampi (piano) / "Je suis Lindor - 12 variations k.354" by Lucette Descaves (piano) / "Sonata in F major k.332" by Joseph Benvenutti (piano)
BOX CONDITIONAs a whole very nice  VG+ condition with come tears on left border (on the border itelf NOT on the front cover at all as you can see !  but more on that later…) Front cover very nice very pleasant   picture /drawing is fine !  as for tears : One on  top left border  on the border itself for 5 «   and bottom left  FRONT for 2  ½ « BACK : 1 «  tear  Front and bottom borders : no tears ! excellent condition  right border : no tears tiny wear on top and bottom corners (on the right border) but really nothing bad looks FINE !!!BOX Itself  may be repaired  glued back i prefer not to touch it i will protect a lot all sides/borders/corners Under plastic bubble
BOOKLET /Libretto excellent condition near perfect/Near mint (tiny spots on back cover)  still has its tissu thread 
DISCS CONDITIONDiscs as a whole are Ex++/NM some sides may be Ex- and a couple of tracks (or parts of some tracks)  may be VG++, it’s  always hard to tell really quality of a disc   there are minimal  marks on discs and in many sides NO surface marks at all : look MINT . please see later for actual description for each sides , but describing exactly the quality for each disc is subjective. All i can tell is that this box belonged to someone dead for a few years and those records have not been taken out of their sleeves for many many years. I think they have all been listened to but maybe once only for most of the discs  The person who had the box was a  classical music french critic  , took great care of his records and you may have bought from me some of these records in the past (including some jazz ones too) (andf or those interested  i will –have also the Giseking 11 LPs french box for sale in same excellent condition)
Also i cleaned the discs very lightly once  but you may have to use you own cleaning device  to do it in a very Professional way (and your way too as  each of use has his own cleaning device !) but as it is   Sound quality is excellent lot of  power and dynamic but these are french PATHE  pressing and quality is not as perfect as some British or german records of   those times 
Each disc still has its inner  paper bag sleeve  and SECOND inner sleeve with PATHE engraved on each !  (if you prefer : each discs has 2 different bagsleeves !)
DISC 1/191 Side 1  ex+/NMINT   side 2 Ex/NM
DISC 2/192  side 1  Ex-  side 2 NMint 
DISC 3/193  side 1  Ex/NMSide 2 NMint 
Disc 4 194  Side 1 NM  Side 2 : Ex++ 
DISC 5 195  side 1 : ex-  a few light gresillements especially at the start but then plays very well side 2 beginning Ex- then Nmint all along 
DISC 6/196  side 1 ex/Nm  some light ticks   side 2 Ex- lighe noise and some light « Blow »
DISC 7 197side 1 Ex + somle very light clicks  side 2  ex ++  some parts Ex – light surface noise 
THE SCANSFirst are scans  i made of each side and the cover of the book and the –libretto/booklet  then there are pictures done to check for you properly the small tears on the box borders. I hope those pictures and scans will be satisfying enough for you 
POSTAGE/INSURANCEPlease contact me first for shipment price. Please allow some days to prepare and send the parcel : i will only make the parcel once payment is done (in case there are any questions on it before i put the box in …the box !) . there is also possibility of delivering personnally the record if you live in France . if the buyer is european it’s also possible then in that case   i can lower down  the final price because the buyer is driving/making a trip to take the box with him in own handsPostage price would be from $40 up to $120 depending what kind of shipment you want : first class delivery air mail (USA/ASIA  takes up to 2/3 weeks) or « colissimo » (expensive but takes  less than a week or even « Chronopost » even more expensive but fastest there is also depending how you want the parcel to be insured I will participate anyway to the price of the shipment at least half of it so please don’t  be scared by postage price : we can talk this over once the box is old. Also i’m still considering sendind the box in 2 or 3 different parcels : 2  will consists of the 7 discs (one parcel 4 of them the other 3 remaining ones  or maybe all 7 discs in one parcel) in spécial cardboard thick  parcels made especially by a shop specialized in records packaging for disc . thèse parcels though wouldn’t allow the  (very large) box to fit  in so the box may be sent (very well protected with special paper and plastic coverage) separately from the discs . But then again we can talk this over together once the sale is  over 
PAYMENTPaypal or back transfer in euros. NO checks  and NO Cash on envelloppe  . cash only if i meet the buyer 

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