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MACLEANS TOOTHPASTE '67 RADIO JINGLES LP THE YARDBIRDS SALES THEME  |  TERMS and CONDITIONS  |  SHIPPING INFORMATION   Description"MACLEANS TOOTHPASTE" Featuring THE YARDBIRDS, TOMMY ROE, THE CHICAGO LOOP and JEANNIE BRITTAN! Produced by the KENYON and ECKHARDT ADVERTISING AGENCY! Date: c.1966 or 1967! CONTAINS FOUR 30-SECOND COMMERCIALS! This is a REMARKABLY SCARCE RECORD that features the ARTISTS LISTED SINGING and PLAYING COMMERCIALS for MACLEANS TOOTHPASTE! Each artist performs their COMMERCIAL JINGLE in their own regular style! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! THE YARDBIRDS sound GREAT, VERY BLUES WAILIN' and HEAVY PSYCHEDELIC GUITAR CHORDING on their driving track! It certainly sounds like JIMMY PAGE to my ear! It sounds like PAGE driving the song with his powerful chording and riffing, although there is no actual guitar solo.  But, it is also quite possible that this was recorded in 1966 and that is JEFF BECK driving the band along.  I am just describing how it sounds to me.  It is also AMAZING to hear the other artists PERFORM THESE COMMERCIALS in their own innate style! Plain Cover: MINT, Vinyl: NEAR MINT, Label: MINT! This is a TRULY SCARCE 1967 12-INCH 33 1/3 RPM ONE-SIDED MONO PRESSING! This is one of only a few hundred that were made of this LIMITED EDITION PRESSING! This record is in FANTASTIC TRUE NEAR MINT condition! This record PLAYS FANTASTIC! This record is PERFECT for TRUE FANS of THE YARDBIRDS, TOMMY ROE, THE CHICAGO LOOP and JEANNIE BRITTAN! This is 1 of 3 RARE MACLEANS TOOTHPASTE COMMERCIAL RECORDS in my current auctions! SURE TO PLEASE! This is one of 35 RADIO COMMERCIALS on record in my current auctions! Check out my e-Bay store for more cool RADIO COMMERCIALS!   SALES THEMEThis is part of a sale of ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC RADIO COMMERCIALS from the 1950's and 1960's! These are the discs that were sent to RADIO STATIONS by advertising agencies on behalf of their clients, the manufacturers of the product being advertised, to be played on the air as commercials. They were generally manufactured in VERY SMALL NUMBERS. Typically anywhere from a few hundred to several hundred ONLY were made. What adds to the SCARCITY of these recorded discs is the policy in those days that RADIO STATIONS were instructed to copy these discs on to tape and then IMMEDIATELY return them to the ad agencies! They were specifically instructed NOT to keep these records. Hence, very few survived in the hands of record collectors. Most of these come from a radio station I worked at in the late Sixties. When I noticed they were not being returned, I simply took them home for my personal collection. And, NOW I have decided to share them with other collectors! I hope you will check out my e-Bay store for MORE RARE RADIO COMMERCIALS DISCS!   TERMS and CONDITIONSGRADING IS STRICT! MINT: Pristine and flawless. NEAR MINT: the very slightest signs of use, truly near mint with possible light paper scuffs. EXCELLENT: light use is evident, will play with no surface noise. VG++: use is evident but not bad, will play with no surface noise during the music. VG+: average used record, looks OK, plays OK with no noise noticeable except possible light background surface noise during a quiet spot in the song. I GRADE my items CONSERVATIVELY, then describe in detail any noticeable flaws. ALL ITEMS ARE ALWAYS GUARANTEED 100%! GREAT PACKING IS ALWAYS GUARANTEED! Let me know IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. PLEASE READ MY FEEDBACK!!! I HAVE BEEN PLEASING COLLECTORS WORLD-WIDE SINCE 1975 AND HAVE SATISFIED CUSTOMERS IN 39 COUNTRIES! Thank You!   SHIPPING INFORMATIONInside the U.S.A., POSTAGE, INSURANCE and SHIPPING for 10-INCH and 12-INCH records [for the first item] are $7.00 for Priority First Class Mail shipping; or $4.00 for media mail. CANADA CUSTOMERS for 10-INCH or 12-INCH pay $8.00 for Letter Post Air Mail postage and handling; for 7-INCH pay $5.00. Customers in United Kingdom and Europe for 10-INCH and 12-INCH pay $12.00 for Letter Post Air Mail [or $7.00 for Surface Post] postage and handling, for 7-INCH pay $6.00. Japan for 10-INCH and 12-INCH is $14.00 for Letter Post Air Mail for the first record, and $7.00 for 7-INCH records. Additional items in the same order are $1.00 each for U.S.A., $2 for Canada, $2.00 for UK & Europe and Japan. All other countries contact me for shipping costs. Let me know IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS.  

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