Les Baxter's Balladeers w/ David Crosby (Jack Linkletter) the Byrds, CSN, CSNY

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Les Baxter's Balladeers w/ David Crosby (Jack Linkletter) the Byrds, CSN, CSNY

VERY RARE VINYL RECORD Featuring David Crosby On His First Recording When He Was A Member Of Les Baxter's Balladeers :

(of course he later became a member of the Byrds, CN, CSN, CSNY, CPR .....)

Jack Linkletter Presents A Folk Festival
1963 - GNP Crescendo 95 - Producer: Alex Hassilev

YACHTSMEN - Drivin' Wheel (Mickey Elley / Carl Berg / Campbell)
YACHTSMEN - Land Of Odin (Kevin Shipman)
JIM & JEAN - Alabama Bound (Huddie Ledbetter)
Chloe Marsh - I Wish I Was A Single Gal Again (traditional)
YACHTSMEN - Billy (Won't Play The Banjo) (Larry Sparks)
YACHTSMEN - Futza Mutza Clutz (Mickey Elley)
BALLADEERS - Ride Up (Les Baxter)
BALLADEERS - Midnight Special (Les Baxter)
JIM & JEAN - What's That I Hear? (Phil Ochs)
JIM & JEAN - Three Blind Mice (Glover / Glover)
Jack Linkletter & Jean - Buffalo Boy (traditional)
BALLADEERS - Baiion (traditional)
BALLADEERS - Linin' Track (traditional)
BALLADEERS, YACHTSMEN, JIM & JEAN & Chloe Marsh - Banks Of The Ohio (traditional)

David Crosby: guitar, vocals
Ethan Chip Crosby: vocals
Bob Ingram: vocals
Mike Clough: vocals

Carl Berg
Bill Reed
Kevin Shipman
Mickey Elley



Jack Linkletter Presents a Folk Festival was a typical early-'60s folk boom exploitation album, presented by Jack Linkletter, the host of the Hootenanny television show. It's far more interesting to collectors than most LPs of its type, though, due to the inclusion of four songs by Les Baxter's Balladeers, featuring a young, pre-Byrds David Crosby. The bill for this compilation, which sounds as if it was recorded at a club rather than an actual folk festival, also includes three songs by folk (and later folk-rock) duo Jim & Jean; the other artists, the Yachtsmen and Chloe Marsh, are inconsequential and forgotten. It's competent but whitebred folk (the repertoire chosen by Alex Hassilev of the Limeliters), the arrangements and singing ranging from enjoyably stirring to ear-cringingly precious variety-show sketch fodder (as on "Buffalo Boy," the duet between Jack Linkletter and Jean). David Crosby's harmonies are evident on Les Baxter's Balladeers' cuts, which are rousing but antiseptic folk with few hints of the folk-rock he would pioneer with the Byrds, though "Baiion" has relatively unusual (for folk boom stuff) Brazilian rhythms and light percussion. Their contributions are notable, though, not just as rare early-Crosby recording appearances, but also for their "Linin Track," a work song whose arrangement is credited to important (but also barely known at that time) folk-rock singer/songwriter Fred Neil. The LP's also notable for one of the very first recordings of a Phil Ochs composition, the Jim & Jean-sung "What's That I Hear?" ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi

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