Lee McDonald Sweet Magic Debbie Record 1981 Modern Soul R&B Funk LP Holy Grail
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Secondhand Record Album For Sale

Item: 1981 record album by Lee McDonald, Sweet Magic on Debbie Records. If you look on popsike, the example that sold in 2015 for 760 USD was warped and had writing. The example I'm offering here has the original shrink wrap on the cover and the record looks unplayed -- I see no scratches, scuffs or spindle marks on the label. I can tell by the cover, especially on the back, that this was put together by a small outfit (Debbie Records). Along the top and bottom of the back cover, it looks almost crushed, but it's not -- it's just the way it was "manufactured" (!). This album is considered a mega rare modern soul funk holy grail. As far as I know, the only other original example for sale at the time of this writing, on discogs (from a Japanese seller), would cost you 650 USD. Like a lot of rare soul records, they make 'reissues' of this on different labels in other countries, but this one is the original USA issue / first press. Single albums usually ship in Bags Unlimited brand cardboard record mailer. Multiple records usually ship in a box of my own construction. Please see my listings for other desirable titles!

Returns: If a listing's item(s) are deemed “not as described” due to such circumstances as shipping damage or seller’s incorrect description of items' condition, it falls under the realm of the eBay Money Back Guarantee. The reason why I don’t have a return policy in addition to the eBay Money Back Guarantee is that return policies cover all other reasons for return (such as the buyer simply changing their mind) but they also require the seller to pay for shipping, which is an expense that I cannot afford, especially in the case of an international transaction.

International Shipping: I sympathize with int’l buyers regarding shipping charges and their country’s Customs fees, but because the value must be declared in order to insure the item for that amount, I’m unable to satisfy the expectations of most buyers in certain countries. If you’re an exception, all you need to do is let me know and hopefully we can work together!

Condition: Records may not function as intended per surface noise, defective playback due to manufacturing defect or scratches, etc. and covers often have damage such as flawed edges and odors which may require repair or treatment, so I’m selling the item as being in “For parts or not working” condition. Most records are in scratched condition. See Goldmine Record Album Price Guide, 5th Edition, page 17: “It’s estimated that no more than 2 to 4 percent of all records remaining from the 1950’s and 1960s are truly Near Mint” (and the next grade down from Near Mint is VG+, where light scratches are present). If you like the ‘shabby chic’ look of the item, you can buy a record album frame for it from Ikea for 7.99 and display it on your wall. It amazes me that the world of record collecting doesn’t have an official grading company such as in the comic book field (they have CGC), the coin collecting realm (they have PCGS), etc. Until an official 3rd party industry expert comes along, record grading remains subjective and opinions vary due to parties’ differences in audio equipment, etc.

Most of the items I offer here on eBay are from estates in the Philadelphia / NYC area, and are fresh to the market. If you have any questions, need more info, or want to set up a Preview appointment, please feel welcome to message me and I'll respond in a timely manner. Thanks for your interest, ~Chris

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