LP MFSL 1-107 Beatles Revolver 1981 Factory Sealed Mint
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LP MFSL 1-107 Beatles Revolver 1981 Factory Sealed Mint

This is a rare factory-sealed copy of the 1981 Mobile Fidelity-licensed re-release of the Beatles’ Revolver, the band’s seventh album originally released in 1966.

Originally released in on EMI in the UK, Revolver was the first recording the Beatles made after retiring from the road and focusing exclusively on studio recordings. This Mobile Fidelity release contains all 14 tracks from the original UK release, as opposed to the Capitol Records US release which contained only 11 songs, three of which having already been released on the “Yesterday and Today” compilation. It was also the last Beatles record that Capitol messed with in that way.

Virtually any assessment of the greatest rock albums of all time place Revolver in the top two or three, and many believe it is the greatest rock album ever made. It was certainly a watershed recording in many ways, marking the first appearance of reverse guitar, processed vocals, looped tape effects and the combination of bits done separately at home by Lennon and McCartney which were then brought in the studio and used as backing tracks as tunes were cut live over them.

It also marked the emergence of George Harrison as a bona fide songwriter as well as an expansion of his use of the sitar after Rubber Soul. Having the time to experiment emboldened the band in many ways, including Harrison’s “Taxman” comments critical of the British government’s 95% income tax.

The album also featured many secret collaborators and instigators, from Donovan’s lyrical contributions and Brian Jone’s glass clinking in “Yellow Submarine.” Throughout the record, the Beatles seemed to be inspired by almost anything – from offhanded remarks by Ringo on acid, the desire to poke fun at the irrepressible Lovin’ Spoonful or snippets of conversations with people like Peter Fonda -- and anything was fair game.

The recording, MFSL 1-107, was one of the original Mobile Fidelity Half-Speed Master series of over 200 releases which began in 1977.

The songs are as follows:

1. “Taxman” George Harrison (2:39)

2. “Eleanor Rigby” John Lennon, Paul McCartney (2:07)

3. “I'm Only Sleeping” John Lennon, Paul McCartney (3:01)

4. “Love You To” George Harrison (3:01)

5. “Here, There and Everywhere” John Lennon, Paul McCartney (2:25)

6. “Yellow Submarine” John Lennon, Paul McCartney (2:40)

7. “She Said She Said” John Lennon, Paul McCartney (2:37)

8. “Good Day Sunshine” John Lennon, Paul McCartney (2:09)

9. “And Your Bird Can Sing” John Lennon, Paul McCartney (2:01)

10. “For No One” John Lennon, Paul McCartney (2:01)

11. “Doctor Robert” John Lennon, Paul McCartney (2:15)

12. “I Want to Tell You” George Harrison (2:29)

13. “Got to Get You into My Life” John Lennon, Paul McCartney (2:30)

14. “Tomorrow Never Knows” John Lennon, Paul McCartney (2:57)

MoFi’s original credo is expressed quite succinctly in this list of benefits from one of the label’s early catalogs:

1. Original Master Recordings are exclusively transferred from the original stereo master tape that the musicians recorded in the studio (not from a second, third, or fourth generation copy of that master tape).

2. Each Original Master Recording employs Mobile Fidelity Sound lab's exclusive half-speed mastering process, thus capturing every nuance of sound from the master tape.

3. Quality, not quantity, is the overwhelming consideration in the creation of each Original Master Recording. The number of pressings is strictly controlled. These limited editions assure you that the quality of the last pressing matches the quality of the first.

4. Original Master recordings are custom pressed overseas by the Victor Company of Japan (JVC). Super Vinyl, an exclusive compound far superior to even so-called 100% virgin vinyl, is utilized to achieve maximum clarity and startling quietness.... Super Vinyl also bestows unsurpassed durability to each Original Master Recording LP, achieving a "playing lifespan" at least five times longer than mass- produced records.

5. Each Original Master Recording is ultra-packaged to maintain flatness and prevent warpage.

This is the real thing, purchased new in 1981 at Tower Records and lurking in my collection ever since. The outer wrapper is completely intact and the cover and album are pristine, having never been touched. I am starting to prune my extensive collection and this is just the beginning.

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