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End Date: 2012-10-14
Start Date: 2012-10-07

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Country: France
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Label: brobisco

Year: 70's <?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Pressing: original ghana KBL 037


Tracks: idonkissi, idarga bidi, muna fikyi, kana soro, awule / paulina, guenku waye, mallam fuseni, awon fuseni, zangara.


Condition Record: VG (shiny with superficial scuffs, plays loud and clear with light background crackles) 


Condition Cover: VG (slight dirt and discolored spots, strong cover) 



so powerful music, so cool cover, so rare record! it's not a dream, it can be yours now! listen:




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Postage & Handling cost:



Priority air mail: 12$ for 1LP / 16.50$ for 2-3 LP's / 24$ for 4-8 LP's

for more records: priority mail with tracking number & signature is the only way, please ask for rates but sometimes it's cheaper to send in several small packages.


Europe(EEC + Switzerland)

Priority air mail: 10$ for 1LP / 14$ for 2-3 LP's / 18$ for 4-8 LP's
priority mail with tracking number & signature (Norway is included): 29$ for 9-12 LP's / 34$ for 13-17 LP's / 39$ for 18-21 LP's



Colissimo: 8$ pour 1 LP / 10$ pour 2 à 3 LP's / 11,50$ pour 4 à 7 LP's / 12,50$ pour 8 à 12 LP's / 15$ pour 13 à 21 LP's


Registered packages: 4$ additional (international)

all packages over 40$ must be insurred.

all packages to italy, east europe, africa and south america must be insurred.

uninsurred packages at your own risk!


I ship records separatly from covers in a strong cardboard package.



Record grading system

(Based on Goldmine Grading System)

MINT COVERS: A mint cover appears to have never had a record inside it. No wear to the corners or any marring on the face or back of the cover. This also applies to EP jackets and 45 single picture sleeves.

MINT VINYL: A mint record looks perfect. A mint record looks like it has just left the manufacturer, with NO flaws what so ever. It looks as though it has never been handled. No scuffs or scratches. The vinyl does not have any defect from the factory pressing, such as bubbles or pits in the vinyl. Even if they do not cause any problem when played. It is a perfect pressing.

NEAR MINT or NM: We define NM as being almost mint. This grade is the most widely used grade for records that appear virtually flawless. Virtually flawless records are not perfect. A very minor scuff and very little else may appear on the vinyl. This will most likely have occurred during packaging, or removing the record from the inner sleeve but has been handled with extreme care. It should play without any noise over the flaw. The flaw is very hard to see.

NEAR MINT COVERS: The cover looks as close to perfect with only minor signs of wear and or age. Minor impressions to the cover (due to the outer edge of the vinyl resting inside) may be present, however the artwork is as close to perfect as can be.


EX VINYL: An excellent (EX) condition for vinyl allows minor scuffs which are visible but only slightly. The wear is minimal and plays mint. No scratches on vinyl.

EX COVER: Artwork is as close to perfect as can be. Some impression to the cover (minor outer ring wear) may appear but no ink wear. Some slight creases to the corners, but not wrinkled and obtrusive to the eye. The corners can show white meaning, slight wear. No seam splits or writing on the cover or taped repairs.


VG+ VINYL: VG+ will show wear, surface scuffs, (or spiral scuffs that came from turn table platters or jukeboxes for 45 singles) and some very light scratches. Surface scuffs may have been caused from blunt (not sharp) objects. Minor scuffs may have been caused from inner sleeves. The vinyl still has a great luster, but the flaws are noticeable to the naked eye. If you the record up to a very bright light, you may see many tiny lines across the surface. The record looks as though it was handled with extreme care.

VG+ COVERS: A virtually clean cover. The artwork looks clean with slightly more aging. The back of the cover may give away the age of the cover. Flat white paper may be somewhat yellow yet no stains or mildew from water damage. Some minor wear to the seams or spine, but no tears or holes popping through. The corners may be slightly dog eared yet no crackly bends, defacing the artwork.

VERY GOOD or VG: A Very Good (VG) record may appear well played but still has some luster. The vinyl may be faded, slightly grayish, yet appears to have been handled as carefully as it could have been. There may be minor crackle or a slight hiss, but is only heard in between tracks or in low musical passages.

VG COVERS: VG covers look worn and used. There may be some seam splitting but not completely separated. There may be some ring wear, where the ink has begun to wear off. There may be some writing on the cover. It may look aged and more yellowish yet it is decent. VG covers do not have taped seams or water damage to it.

G+ and VG-: Many records that appear in VG condition often play less than very good. These are defined as better than Good, but less than Very Good. With a G+ record, it will look just as the described condition for Good, yet may play better than it looks. Same for VG-, however VG- and G+ are of the same value.

GOOD or G: A good record looks very well played, dull, grayish and possibly abused. However a Good record still plays. It may have distracting surface noise such as crackle that is continuous or some hiss. It plays without any skips or any obtrusively loud pops or repeated clicks, caused by deep scratches. Good means that it will play with some form of decency, so one can still enjoy the music even though you can still hear noise caused from the wear.

GOOD COVER: A Good cover may have just about everything wrong with it. It may have seam splits (possibly taped repaired). In essence, the cover may looked trashed, but the artwork is still noticeable.

FAIR & POOR: Fair and Poor records do not meet the lowest grade above (GOOD), they are trash and worthless. It won't be playable for the most part.

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