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Here’s a studio acetate containing an undocumented and unreleased version of Lee Hazlewood's Trouble Is a Lonesome Town. It seems to be a shelved attempt to revise the original album for the 1969 re-release on LHI. Ultimately, the album was reissued unaltered. The unique version on this acetate contains spoken intros the are all different takes, with different guitar accompaniment than the ones on the released versions. More interestingly, it incorporates tracks from Hazlewood’s catalog that were never even on this LP, and adds unreleased spoken intros to each, including “Suzi Jane Is Back In Town” and even the Hazlewood-produced psych single “I Can’t Help the Way I Feel” by the band Last Friday’s Fire. It also includes one unreleased instrumental track. The record has lots of scuffs and surface marks, but plays well enough to enjoy. A few audio clips are below, followed by track list and details:

Listen to unreleased intro for to “Suzi Jane Is Back In Town” here:  www.freakbeatrecords.com/ebay_audio/hazl1.mp3Listen to unreleased intro for to “I Can't Help the Way I Feel” here:  www.freakbeatrecords.com/ebay_audio/hazl2.mp3
Listen to unreleased instrumental (title unknown) here:  www.freakbeatrecords.com/ebay_audio/hazl3.mp3Listen to alternate take intro for "I Ain't Gonna Be" here:  www.freakbeatrecords.com/ebay_audio/hazl4.mp3Listen to alternate take intro for "First Street Blues" here:  www.freakbeatrecords.com/ebay_audio/hazl5.mp3
Side 1

1. I Ain’t Gonna Be (alternative take intro with different guitar accompaniment)

2. Everybody Calls Me Something (alternate take intro with different guitar accompaniment)

3. Suzi Jane Is Back In Town (with unreleased spoken intro)

4. First Street Blues (longer, alternative spoken intro…)

5. (title unknown) unreleased instrumental with amusing spoken intro

6. Six Feet of Chain (different take intro)

Side 2

1. Save Your Vote for Clarence Mudd (alt take intro)

2. I’m Gonna Fly (alt take intro)

3. Last Friday’s Fire – I Can't Help The Way I Feel (with unreleased intro)

4. We All Make The Flowers Grow (alt take intro)

5. Look At That Woman (alt take intro)

6. Trouble Is a Lonesome Town (alt take intro)

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