LED ZEPPELIN EP PS Immigrant Song Mexico ATL 22070014 ORIGINAL very rare Mexican
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  • LED ZEPPELIN EP PS Immigrant Song Mexico ATL 22070014 ORIGINAL very rare Mexican

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I have decided to list some of my RARE RECORDS on ebay, some are very rare and with unique sleeves.

On auction we have the:

EP Immigrant Song Mexico 1970 ATL 2207 0014

A beautiful Mexico Led Zeppelin  PICTURE SLEEVE. 

RARE 1st ORIGINAL pressing Mexico Led Zeppelin EP !

This is very popular with LED ZEPPELIN collectors as it has an AMAZING unique to MEXICO cover . A collectors item!

Sleeve: vg+ , NO wrIting, In nice condition, just some creasing (95% of copies have this as it is very soft cover) and a small rip and tear on the bottom side entrance which has been fixed from the inside by previous owner, otherwise very nice front cover. The back of the cover The back of the cover has the same image as the front of the cover and is also in nice condition  just has a small creasing and small tear, but a nice example for this rare ORIGINAL Led Zeppelin 1st pressing 'foldout type' Mexico EP!

Record: vg to vg++, Side A, in vg condition, as there is a scuff/mark on it, otherwise nice, and Side B, in very nice vg++ condition. Nice labels. I dont play the records, Visual grading only.

BEST OFFERS:  When making YOUR ''Best offer'' please realize that most of these are rare items, so please make it reasonable. Asking for 50% off won’t work. I normally give around 5%/10% to 15% discount and on some occasions 20% discount, but it all depends on the rarity of the item. Thank you for reading this information before making your offer. Sometimes, BUY IT NOW is the best option if you really want the item, and many BUYERS do this, as most of these items are RARE and avoids disappoinment, and guarantees that the ITEM is yours.



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Hello there, I'm a private collector, who has built an impressive collection over the last few years and  is now selling it on. After lots of hard work, searching for them, tracking them down, going on lots of buying trips - record fairs and events, I feel now that It is time to pass on some of my unwantd collection of (45s, EPs, LPs) that i no longer require, listen too or have doubles off.  Ebay has given me the platform to do this, to sell my collection to fellow collectors.

For some of these 45s/EPs and LPs, Im selling them at a loss, I paid more for them at the time of purchase, than what i'm selling them for, but hey, these things happen! The main thing is that they go to collectors who appreciate them. I am not a business as mentioned on ebay - I have tried to change the status but ebay does not allow this,  I just get to use whatever I make from selling on ebay,  to carry on purchasing what really now interests me for my collection. Happy bidding!

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