Jazz Epistles Alternate Takes Unreleased Acetate Gallo South Africa Dollar Brand
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Jazz Epistles Alternate Takes Unreleased Acetate Gallo South Africa Dollar Brand

Hugh Masekela Kippie Moketsi Jonas Gangwa SOUTH AFRICAN

IMPOSSIBLY RARE, as it may be the only copy known to exist of the earliest recordings of all of these legendary jazzmen.

As you see in the pic, there are 3 tracks.  2 are on 1 side, and 1 on the other.  Visually, in the groove areas of the record, it grades a very conservative VG+.  In 1 spot in the non-groove area is a little flaked off piece which is small and inconsequential.

I played it 1 time on my VPI turntable with a fancy OCC (just so you know I didn’t drop it on a $200 grinder).  The play grade is the same VG+, with some light background noise inherent in the disc itself and not a result of scratches or wear or anything like that.

Now, because there are some less-than-scrupulous people out there who might buy this, play and record it, and then return it, there is no return on this record.  Of course it will be shipped fully insured, in the very unlikely case it were to get damaged en route.  However, I use the best packaging known to the record collecting world.  Unless they drive a truck over it, there shouldn’t be an issue.

This is likely the only chance you will have to hear these tracks, and I can tell you they are awesome, if you’re into the whole South African modal jazz thing.  A true piece of jazz history!

I don’t relish selling it, but frankly I need the money.  So here you go.  Bid like you’ll never see it again, because you won’t.

This will be sent via FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE USA.  If it goes over $3500, I’ll ship it free anywhere.  Please note that it is illegal to change the value for international shipments.  I could go to jail!  I had heard of this before and never thought it was real, but I now know someone to whom this happened.  I can’t take the risk — sorry!  International shipping will be Express only.  This is a 1-of-a-kind relic, and it is senseless to take chances in order to save a few bucks.  


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