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Single 33T 7" deux titres : Atmosphere / Dead Souls

Label Sordide sentimental 1979 - 1580 copy au total h2> Original 1979 French Edition

ÉTAT excellent

Everything in perfect condition. No blemishes or marks on the sleeve or disc. It is a true specimen and not a copy. I bought it in 1979 in a record dealer underground "open market" with bets close to the odéon in Paris.

The general state is excellent. The plastic bag is a little worn in the edges higher. One reads quite sordid sentimental with the two logos. Face 1 is impeccable with the imitation of a painting of Caspar David friedrich: 2 small pink spots in top which come from the original impression. the Ink very brilliant and is coloured. Face 2 is in the same state except light milked folding in the edge in bottom on the right The two side faces at the interior with the French text of Jean jacques Turmel, the creator of the label, are in an impeccable state. The face central interieure contains a photograph of anton corbijn and below a cellophane, slightly gondolé . The glue below is yellow it's normal after 20 years 1 sheet A4 and a A5 sheet contain translations of the always white the English texts a small blue paper of A6 size with the impeccable mention warning "gesamtkunstwerk" the disc in vynil years a small pocket of impeccable cellophane, attention, it is individual which turns at the speed of a LP is very clean. No stripe. It was listened very little, I had copied it from K7 because of the shifting of speed. This disc is a musical chief of work of thinking and construction.

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