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Big Maceo Merriweather and John Lee Hooker

COVER: VG++ // 

Sticker blemish on front cover, 1" seam split.


  Still Sealed - in factory-fresh condition

Near Mint - a near perfect, probably unplayed record

VG++ (Same as EX)  A record in this condition may have one or two visible imperfections, but these will be of a purely cosmetic nature (i.e. sleeve scuffs or other superficial marks) and will not affect play. A VG++ record will have no scratches.

VG+  A record in this condition will have a few visible imperfections. These may include sleeve scuffs, superficial marks, and light scratches. The presence of a single light scratch is enough for us to grade an otherwise mark less record VG+; a VG+ record will have no more than a few such faint or light scratches.

VG  A record in this condition will show the kinds of imperfections found on VG+ records but in greater numbers. There may be a number of light scratches and other marks, including a few deep enough to be felt with a fingernail.

VG-  A record in this condition will have a number of visible imperfections; and it might have numerous scratches that can be felt with a fingernail. Such wear will cause it to have ticks, clicks and noise in sections of the record but not to the point of overwhelming the overall sound or cause skips.

G  In the record world, 'Good' is not good! From here on down (Fair, Poor), we're talking about beat-up records.


  For jackets, this means that the beginnings of some light yellowing of the paper, and perhaps one lightly bumped corner. Minor color flaking at the bottom or top seam may be allowed, but no splits, tape, ring wear, creases, tears, water staining, writing, or image defacement (such as blemishes from removed price stickers, etc.)

VG++ (Same as EX)  This grade refers to an attractive, fresh-in-appearance item that, upon closer inspection, has been disqualified from the NM category due to (usually) one flaw that could not be overlooked.For jackets, this includes: a small split of the seam; faint beginnings of minor ring wear; some clear tape on one corner; damage or illegibility of the spine. Basically, and this includes discs as well, a VG++ item is qualified by having a noticeable, yet functionally insignificant defect that verifies that the item has been used. A VG++ item appears neither blatantly second-hand, nor does it have the sparkle of "brand-new".

Jackets will have some combination of one to a few of the following defects: partial seam split (with or without clear tape repairs), minor ring wear, minor dirt ring, some minor warping due to moisture, a creased corner, faded spine. The jacket must be free of major defacements, and will certainly not have ALL of the preceding minor ones on the same piece!

VG  A VG jacket is one that is beginning to look tattered and worn, while retaining a complete and sound construction (i.e. no chewed edges, no front-cover scarring larger than a price tag-removal blemish, no more than two seams splitting). A VG cover is adequate, but not fetching.

A G Jacket must be able to enclose the record entirely, protecting it from the elements, dust, other fricative surfaces, and especially from other records, which have been left out of their covers by the same careless owner. Artwork and information must be legible and splits are OK, even expected.


US: $4 for the first LP / $1.00 for each additional?$3 for first 45 / $0.50 for each additional

Canada & Mexico: $11.50 for the first LP / $1.00 for each additional?$7.50 for first 45 / $1.00 for each additional

For All Other Destinations: $17.50 for first LP / $3 for each additional?$9 for first 45 / $1.00 for each additional

(Up to 6 LPs)

International shipping is not $4. Please wait for the invoice before paying

Note: For record sales over $100 overseas I reserve the right to require registered/signed delivery at an added expense. By bidding on this auction you accept this term.

Return Policy:

Returns must occur within 10 days of buyer receiving item. Buyer pays return shipping.

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