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Jethro Tull
The impressive coffee table book

Contains lots of rare and unpublished photographs by Didi Zill
Available exclusively at eBay at a bargain price – 20% discount!

Containing numerous rare and previously unpublished pictures, this is by far the biggest Jethro Tull book in the world – a splendid large-format illustrated book featuring color photographs.

It is truly indispensable for every fan, including as it does Didi Zill’s personal memories of his encounters with the band and of his photo sessions with them, as well as informative and eye-opening texts by Hermann Büchner on the band’s history.


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The Band

JETHRO TULL – was established in 1967 in the context of the British Blues Revival and reached the heights of fame during the 70s. Their song "Locomotive Breath" is famous to this day, even to people who don't really know the band

JETHRO TULL – their incomparable sound was created by the transverse flute of band leader and master mind Ian Anderson and by his characteristic, slightly nasal vibrato singing

JETHRO TULL – "Art Rock" in the early 70s would have been much less intriguing without their poetical lyrics and their diversified compositions adding up to an musical complexity unheard of before in rock music

JETHRO TULL – a band that continues to inspire in live concerts, despite countless replacements. It is first and foremost the aura and class of the great musician Ian Anderson that can be held credited for the permanent devotion of their fans

The Book

In the course of his long career, Didi Zill met the musicians of Jethro Tull a number of times, and of course he always took his camera along. Their first photo session took place in 1969 in Los Angeles, some time before the band was famous. During their tours of the 70s (1972, 1973, 1976) Didi was around for some extensive documentation. In 1984, he was invited to do a home story. And of course, he had to be there for the "Comeback Tour" in 1987.

All this adds up to this generous and luxurious illustrated coffee-table book, a revelation for every fan of the band. It contains lots of previously unpublished photographs and also some rare live situations such as the Offenburg concert in 1972 und the Buckinghamshire concert in 1984.

The Photographer

Didi Zill was born and raised in Berlin under the name of Dietrich Zill. In his youth he played football for Hertha 03, Kickers 1900, and Tennis Borussia, where he even played under contract. He then quit playing football and played music instead, founding the band DIDI & HIS ABC BOYS. They recorded several albums in the style of the beat and guitar bands of the day. With Didi as a front man, the group played concerts all over Germany and even abroad.

One particular highlight was a concert in the ancient Olympic Stadium in Athens, where they were announced as the German Beatles. DIDI & HIS ABC BOYS played as an opening act for Bill Haley and Little Richard and even for The Rolling Stones on their two tours in the 60s. Later that decade, Didi became a disc jockey. In 1969, however, he switched sides and started working as a photo journalist for Bravo magazine. On his first big trip to the US, sporting a single camera and three different lenses, Didi took his first pictures of Sonny & Cher, Creedence Clearwater Revival and the stars from The High Chaparral.

As the years went by, Didi did more frequent and bigger jobs and took pictures of every German star in the European charts as well as of a number of international stars like Neil Diamond, Tina Turner – then still together with Ike –, Jethro Tull, Peter Fonda, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Queen, Deep Purple and many, many more. Didi also did photography jobs for album and single covers for the Bellamy Brothers, Deep Purple, Peter Maffay, Udo Jürgens, and the German football team. Didi Zill criss-crossed the musical landscape and worked as a photographer and inspirational force for many Boney M covers.

Later on, Didi photographed famous eighties bands such as Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Cindy Lauper, Shakin’ Stevens, Boy George / Culture Club, and countless others. Needless to say, all well-known representatives of the German New Wave posed for his camera: Nena, Kraftwerk, and of course the divine Nina Hagen. Towards the end of the eighties, Didi quit working for Bravo and started working exclusively for David Hasselhoff, but he still took pictures for the album covers of various artists.

Now, at the beginning of the new millennium, Didi has begun sorting through his archive. The results are the finest collections of photographs in the world of music – let yourself be captivated by them!


»Zill's ability to capture a wide range of impressions as well as his undisputable technical expertise turn this volume into an indispensable must-have not only for fans. Recommended!« eclipsed Rock Magazin

»In 1968, Jethro Tull managed to displace the Rolling Stones from their runner-up-position behind the Beatles in a poll by the Melody Maker. Didi Zill accompanied the band to various concerts and created a score of pictures documenting the energy and attraction of Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson in a unique way. The photographs are complemented with texts by Hermann Büchner and Didi Zill's recollections. Büchner's competent commentary provides an insight behind the scenes of Jethro Tull. He spoke to musicians and other characters close to the band.«

Some Preview Pictures


Didi Zill: Jethro Tull
Text by Hermann Büchner
336 pages, 250 pictures, frequently full-page or double page
Four-color print on heavy photographic printing paper
Large 24 x 30 cm / 9.5 x 11.8 In. format
Side-stitched hardcover with jacket
Language: English
ISBN 3-89602-462-0

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Q: Why should I buy this book?

A: There is no bigger photo collection available on this band in just one volume. This is not just a book, but a real collector’s item. Its beautiful presentation makes it stand out from standard illustrated books. Thus it makes for a great present also! This book is available exclusively at eBay or in German bookstores. However, bargain prices apply to eBay buyers only. All the photographs in this book are official; most of them were taken at special photo sessions and other official occasions. No paparazzi photos are included, because that would be disrespectful to the artists presented.

Q: Who is this book aimed at?

A: This is a book aimed at those who truly love this band. It is a fantastic collector’s item for die-hard fans. They will appreciate the luxurious presentation of the large-scale photographs, accompanied by substantial commentary. This book makes for a very special gift also, because only a very limited number of copies has been printed.

Q: Why is the book so expensive?

A: This book has been manufactured at the highest possible quality, as you will be able to experience first-hand once you receive it.

1. First of all, every single image had to be retouched very carefully to achieve maximum image quality and clarity, so months of work went into the preparation of the book. 

2. The book is printed on excellent heavy double coated art paper with a hard back. The print is only in four colour / duotone, allowing for splendid colour results. The binding is solid and substantial.

3. The format of this book is unusually large – 9.5 x 11.8 inch. It is a very heavy volume indeed, opulently presented. 

4. Only a couple of thousand copies of this book have been printed. This is a very small print run indeed. However, this book is aimed specifically at die-hard fans and not at the general public.

5. No paparazzi photography has been used for this book, instead the rights for all the images were purchased from the photographers directly. Thus, only official photographs were used. Of course, this also contributes to the expenses.

Q: Is this an official book by the artist/s?
A: No, this is not an official book by the artist/s, it is not part of the merchandising either and is not related to the artist/s or the management in any way whatsoever. It is, however, an official book by the photographer. The photographs were taken only in official circumstances, e.g. at personal studio sessions, at the artists’ homes, live or backstage, sometimes at public occasions or other engagements. Furthermore the book contains a score of rare pictures that have not been published anywhere else before. Out of respect for the artists no paparazzi photographs have been used, neither any pictures lacking respect for the artist in any other way. This was one key principle of the photographer’s choice of pictures. The copyright for the photographs included in this book lies with the photographer.

Q: Will I be able to read the commentary in this book?

A: Yes, of course! All the commentary in the book is printed in both English and German; the translations have been taken care of by native speakers. A global audience should be able to appreciate this book, and therefore the commentary was provided in English as well as German.

Q: Is this book exclusively available on eBay only?

A: Yes, you will only be able to purchase this book on eBay. You will not be able to buy it in regular bookshops. This book is distributed on eBay only, because it makes for a much better deal for everyone involved. Normally, bookstores add a comfortable profit margin, and the retail price will be significantly higher. By selling on eBay, we can offer the book at a bargain price to the consumer directly.

Q: Where is this book from?

A: This book has been produced by the German publishing house of »Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf«. They specialise in large bilingual (English/German) coffee table books on bands, movies and film stars and various other subjects. Their books are always manufactured at a very high quality, printed on premium paper, using four colour / duotone print and solid bindings, because they want their books to stay around looking good for a long time.

Q: What else do »Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf« publish?

A: They regularly publish large coffee table books in English. Currently available are books on ABBA, Boy George, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Deep Purple, Depeche Mode, Jethro Tull, Kiss, Nina Hagen, The Police, and movie star photography from the 50ies and 60ies. To check for their books available on eBay, see »View seller's other items«. Please note that their range is continuously extended, so make sure to come back!

All text and graphics at this site are copyright protected. You may not reproduce, use, or copy them, be it for private or commercial purposes, without the express written permission of the publishers. © of the photographs: Didi Zill

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