IVORIES (rare soul ) girl group WAND please stay / I'm in a groove HEAR IT
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please stay / I'm in a groove

Label: Wand 1152
Format: 45
Grade: VG

punchout ,wol, sol

First copy I've had in my 20 years of collecting; despite visual VG condition plays
fantastic as can be heard in the clips. Mostly plays more like VG+ or better.

Due to rarity this record will need to be shipped insured with signature conformation.


Records are strictly graded, and condition is guaranteed.

When sound clips are provided they are taken directly from the record being sold.
These are then posted in MP3 format completely unadulterated; no filters/modifications etc.

M-   Our highest grade, disc appears to be virtually flawless, and should play as such; Covers are free of stains, sticker residue, rips, tears, or writing. Colors are strong and vibrant.

NM  Denotes tiny VISUAL flaws / anomalies, or paper scuffs.

VG+  Disc has slight to average wear, a few more scuffs / visual abrasions, possibly a few light scratches. Obviously used, but clearly not abused. Background noise should be minimal, if at all present. Strong VG+ should be just shy of NM. Should please all but the most strict collector

VG  Disc has significant wear, scuffs / marks and / or fine scratches, some of which may be "feel-able", but no deep gouges.  May play with some crackle or minimal 'ticks' (meaning the tick shouldn't be louder than the music). Surface noise (if present) may be heard in quieter passages. Any noise should not be jarring or terribly distracting. Strong VG should be just shy of VG+ .

VG-  Disc has many scuffs and scratches, some which may "pop" (meaning the scratch is as loud or louder than the music).  Significant surface noise is often present.

G  "Good" Disc has lots of wear, and serious visual abrasions. It should play through without skipping (unless otherwise noted). Condition is generally rough, but is good enough to serve as a "filler" copy until something better comes along. Only the rarest of records will be listed in this condition.

If two grades are noted (VG/VG-) this means the denoted "A" side grades VG, while the "B" side grades VG-

All other defects as noted: (co) cut out / punch hole (dj) promotional copy (cov) cover (foxing) age type spotting (lbl) label (sol) sticker on label (wol) writing on label (sl) slight (sm) small (mod) moderate (woc) writing on cover; lps (soc) sticker on cover; lps (split) will be described by size / location (wrp) warp

DNAP = does not affect play as referring to above mentioned defects

All records professionally shipped disc outside of cover in sturdy record mailers divided with cardboard stiffeners

please see my feedback and bid with confidence!

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