Hilltop Hoods Signed Vinyl Pack

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Hilltop Hoods Signed Vinyl Pack

Genre Rap & Hip-Hop
Speed 33 RPM
Record Size 12"
Record Label Obese Records/Golden Era Records
Artist Hilltop Hoods

Our friends 2 year old daughter, Codee-Jo, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.
Friends & family of Codee-Jo's parents are currently fundraising to help them get through this difficult period.
As part of the fundraising efforts we're auctioning the mother of all Hoods vinyl packs.

- Back Once Again (Signed)
- Left Foot, Right Foot (Signed)
- The Calling (Signed)
- The Hard Road (Signed)
- The Hard Road Restrung (Signed)
- State Of The Art (Signed)
- Drinking From The Sun (Signed)
- Walking Under Stars (Signed)
- Drinking From The Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung (Signed)

Just a few things...
- We will be hitting up DJ Next to sign the 'Back Once Again' vinyl.
- The 'Back Once Again' vinyl is black. The black is actually rarer than the green. 300 were pressed of the green and 250 were pressed of the black.
- These albums are from our personal collections, so there are minor imperfections on the sleeves of the earlier albums. 'State Of The Art', 'Drinking From The Sun', 'Walking Under Stars' and 'Drinking From The Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung' are all brand new and in mint condition.
- 'The Calling', 'The Hard Road' and 'The Hard Road Restrung' are all the original Obese Records pressings, not the re-releases.
- Shipping is free.

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