End Price: GBP 45
(USD 71)
Start Price: GBP 6
End Date: 2010-01-23
Start Date: 2010-01-13

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Number of bids: 9
Country: Great Britain
Auctioned at:     ebay


eachtohisown Store

Please read the Terms and Conditions lower in the listing about payment, postage costs and insurance BEFORE placing a bid. Thank you.

I am happy to answer any questions, but please read the listing carefully before sending a question or placing a bid. I try to provide comprehensive details and information in every listing so the answers to most questions should be found below.

The whole item is in superb condition and the vinyl looks like it may never have been played.

Detailed description
Vinyl: The vinyl looks superb and has retained its original high sheen. It has clearly been very well cared for and possibly unplayed. Under 160 watt halogen spotlight I couldn't see any significant marks on side one and just some sleeve removal-type marks on side two.
Labels: Both labels look great, pretty much like new, with absolutely no signs of damage, writing, stickers etc and no visible spindle marking, suggesting that it has never been played.
Sleeve: The sleeve is really nice and clean with no damage, writing, splits, tears or stickers etc and no signs of use.
Edge wear: none
Corner wear: minimal
Inner sleeve: Plain
Other inserts: n/a

Detracting features not covered above - none.

I am an ebay top-rated seller with a 100% feedback rating because my records are always described accurately and fairly. All photographs are of the actual item you will get. I will always do my best to point out any blemishes which might detract from the item.

Please check out my other items and take advantage of reduced postage costs for multiple buys.

Unless stated otherwise, vinyl is visually graded. I play grade records where possible but there just aren't enough hours in the day to play them all, so I usually restrict play grades to collectors' items and rare records which are particularly hard to find in top audio condition or other records where a visual inspection has identified flaws on the playing surface. A visual grading will identify physical flaws (such as scratches) and will determine whether a record has been cared-for properly, but it will not detect static or crackle caused by dust in the grooves or other invisible sources. A visual grading will provide an indication of how a record might play, but it is not a guarantee of the record's sound quality, even if it looks perfect.

First pressings and originals: Many of the records I sell are first pressings and, if this is the case, I will usually identify them as such and may include the relevant matrix information etc in the description. However, sometimes I cannot be certain whether a record is a first pressing or not. In these instances I will often use the word 'original' to identify a pressing which I think might be a first pressing, but do not know for sure (but which is certainly NOT a recent pressing or audiophile release etc). If you specifically want a first pressing, and know how to identify it, please ask the relevant questions before you bid.

Feel free to ask any questions about the item (but please don’t leave it to the last minute as I may not get a chance to reply).


  • Please read and make sure you understand the following information on PAYMENT, POSTAGE COSTS and INSURANCE before you bid.
  • If you don't understand any of it please contact me before you bid.
  • By bidding on an item you are indicating acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
  • I will be happy to consider something different if you contact me to discuss it before placing a bid.
  • Other than in exceptional circumstances, I will not enter into discussions about Terms and Conditions after the auction has closed.



I also accept cheques in UK Sterling GBP on orders OVER £50.


Airmail costs to any country OUTSIDE the UK


First LP or 12" = £5.00, each additional LP or 12" add £1.80.

First 7" or CD = £1.90, each additional 7" or CD add £0.60.


Rest of the world (anywhere outside Europe)

First LP or 12" = £7.50, each additional LP or 12" add £3.00.

First 7" or CD = £3.20, each additional 7" or CD add £0.90.


For overseas orders, I include insurance on all invoices.  

Overseas orders valued up to £39 can be insured for £3.70

Overseas orders valued between £39 and £500 can be insured for £6.00

Overseas orders valued over £500, please contact me.

Overseas orders weighing more than 2kg will be split into two or more packages as appropriate so they can be sent using Royal Mail's Small Packet Rate.

Overseas orders valued over £39 will ONLY be sent fully insured. For overseas orders under £39 you can request a new invoice without insurance but in the event of a claim for a lost or damaged package Royal Mail will not reimburse the full value.

Customs declaration for overseas orders: Please note that for overseas orders outside the EU I need to complete a customs declaration and must enter the value of the package on the declaration.

Postage costs in the UK

As Ebay now requires sellers to offer a free UK postal service, second class mail in basic/pre-used packaging is offered free to UK bidders.

However, I care about records and believe that they need to be carefully and securely packaged to ensure that the vinyl and sleeves survive their journey through the post. I have always prided myself on taking excellent care of every item I send and my standard packaging for a single LP has always been:

  • A brand new, high-quality record mailer
  • At least THREE brand new rigid cardboard stiffeners
  • All packages are labelled "Do not bend" at least twice on the front and once on the back
  • I reinforce the mailer seal with special "FRAGILE" parcel tape
  • My items are sent quickly and securely using first class recorded post.

This is my standard service and is available for every item, although I am unable to offer this service for free. The cost of my standard service is as follows:

First LP or 12" = £3.80, each additional LP or 12" add £0.80.

First 7" or CD = £1.90, each additional 7" or CD add £0.50.

I would strongly urge winning bidders to select the Sellers Standard Service option which gives you the security of knowing you will receive your record in the same condition it left me. I cannot offer the same service without charging for it and so, if you select Free P&P I will only be able to send your order in very basic, previously used packaging using 2nd class post and it will not be tracked or insured.

Any order with a value of £10 or more will be sent using the Sellers Standard Service as detailed above.

Orders valued over £39 will be sent fully insured using Royal Mail Special Delivery and the total cost of this (up to 1kg) will be £7.50.  Orders weighing more than 1kg will be split into two or more packages as appropriate.


Please do not bid if you don't agree to these terms. If you have any queries please email BEFORE you bid.

Thanks for your interest in this listing and for taking the time to read these details.

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