Flatiron F5 Artist 1994 Sunburst Mandolin w/ Original Case

End Price: USD 2450
(GBP 1745)
Start Price: USD 2999
End Date: 2018-12-30
Start Date: 2018-12-13

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Country: USA
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Flatiron F5 Artist 1994 Sunburst Mandolin w/ Original Case

94 Flatiron Mandolin made and signed by Bruce Weber F5A in great shape. Rarely played and well cared for. The close up photos show the excellent condition. Sound is incredible. One owner. The sound is bright, cuts through nicely in a room full of instruments.

This mandolin was made by Gibson in Montana. Gibson purchased the original Flatiron Mandolin Company in 1988. By 1992 they had assigned Bruce D. Weber as head of production – an extremely good move. Bruce signed the interior label. The F-5A is, of course, utterly gorgeous! It is the archetypal interpretation of a high-end, professionally constructed Gibson F-5 made. It has everything you are seeking – great sound, elegant looks, superb tone, easy playability. This Victorian era headstock, with its twin scrolls and lusty center point, is polished ebony overlain, ivoroid bound and with a black-ivoroid purfling line around its convoluted circumference. The body is likewise bound and bordered on both top and back. The twin lower case f-hole sound ports are unbound and resplendent in their simplicity. The fingerboard ends in a four-partial-fret peninsula; the bridge is carved of ebony and 2-piece adjustable; the gold plated tuners are etched in a floral pattern and bear pearloid buttons with no terminating screw. The back of the neck is U-shaped and happy to be held and the width at the nut is a comfortable 1 2/16th”. Everything about this mandolin is first class.

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