FURTWANGLER / BEETHOVEN Symphony No 3 Eroica URANIA 7095 AB Stamper Lp
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  • FURTWANGLER / BEETHOVEN Symphony No 3 Eroica URANIA 7095 AB Stamper Lp

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Furtwangler / Beethoven Eroica / First Press / Urania URLP 7095 .ULTRA RARE ORIGINAL MONO RECORD URANIA URLP 7095

Red Label First Pressing 1953

Stamper Side 1 - "AB" ULP-7095A

Stamper Side 2 - "AB" ULP-7095B

This is not only the rarest Furtwangler, but one of the rarest of all classical recordings. Almost immediately after it was first issued, Furtwangler took legal action to stop the sale of the recording. The label Urania went to great lengths to reclaim all existing stock/inventory from the stores that it had already been shipped to.

Side 1: "AB" ULP-7095A

Side 2: "AB" ULP-7095B

Jacket Grading:

NM- . Corners are nice showing no aging or wear. There are no creases, split seams, yellowing or aging. No tape, adhesive residue, stickers or writing. Colors are rich and show no fading. Gloss is nice. Vinyl Grading: Vinyl has nice luster with no scratches or marks, however, it may need a professional cleaning. It may have been put away wet and the rice paper sleeve was somewhat stuck to it. I tried cleaning with D4 cleaner but there is something left in the vinyl that when it’s played, it plays with moderate static that I wasn’t able to remove. So your bidding on a as is vinyl record and maybe you’ll get the static noise out.

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