Eminem ''Slim Shady EP'' tape Infinite

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Eminem ''Slim Shady EP'' tape  Infinite



Autographed "Slim Shady EP" tape (original)


You are looking at the ULTRA RARE "Slim Shady EP" cassette tape by Eminem. This tape was released years after the "Soul Intent" demo tape, after the well-known "Infinite" album, and right after the "Slim Shady EP" PROMO tape. I got this off of Eminem years ago when I was backstage with him at the Warp Tour 1999. I kept it with all of my other music collectables for a while, in a water-proof / smoke-proof / fire-proof safe. After he gave it to me I had him autograph it...


What is the history of the album? Well, Back in 1998 it was released to about 400 copies total. The album was released on cd, vinyl, and cassette tape. This is the album that Dr. Dre found which subsequently signed Eminem to his fledgling Aftermath record label and led Dre to executive-produced Eminem's breakthrough major-label debut "The Slim Shady LP". The tape is in perfect condition with no unnecessary folds or creases on the inserts and no scratched on the tape. People, this tape is in mint perfect condition!!! The tape contains 8 songs:

side 1~

1. Intro (Slim Shady)   2. Low, Down, Dirty   3. If I Had...   4. Just Don't Give A F***

side 2~

5. Mommy   6. Just The Two Of Us   7. No One's Iller   8. Murder, Murder


The tape is an original so please dont send me emails questioning that issue. I know that it is an original because he himself handed it to me backstage at the 1999 Warp Tour. Also, do you really think that he would autograph a fake bootleg of his own tape? extremely doubtful...


I know that this tape is Ultra Rare and it is very hard to get an original and to have one is rare let alone autographed! This is a true gem for any big EMINEM fan! Don't Sleep on this because I really don't know when you'll see another one of these...


Please email me if you want to be put on the pre-approved bidders list, because you will need to be on the list in order to bid on my items. If you have any questions reguarding the item, please email me and I will respond within the same day. There are no refunds and all auctions are final. Please check out my other rare Eminem autographed items...

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