ENRICO MAINARDI - JS BACH 6 suites for cello solo ARCHIV 3x12" + 10" ED1 MONO
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IMPORTANT....carefully read classifications, levels and rules on shipping.For shipments outside Italy, only registered mail under 2 kg or parcels can be used, for this reason the shipping price may be high. No priority mail or post mail.

Level point of sound and recording. Subjective classification with a scale from 2 to 10. 
10) New and sealed vinyl 9) Perfect, without any noise 8) Almost perfect, little noise in areas with no music 7) Great sound, some noise with low or no music. Some tic can happen. 6) Sound of good quality, noise with low or medium music, tics and pops under 10% of the duration of the record. 5) Sound of sufficient quality, noise in most of the disc, tic and pop under 30% 4) Still listenable. Noise and rustle in almost the whole record. Tic and pop below 50%. 3) Almost unlistenable. Cimelio x collection. Poor audio, a lot of noise. 2) Simply an heirloom. Inaudible. 
/ 5mid subjective points. They are given based on the quality of the recording and not just on the quality of the sound. Remember that the discs are listened to with a medium / low quality plate (however new).
INFORMATION FOR VINYLS LISTENED AND CLASSIFIEDSubjective classification, if after the purchase the judgment is discordant, contact me to solve the problem. Return accepted only in case of article error. For different judgments, it is preferable to agree on a partial or total refund of the item.
In the case of an object that does not conform to the visual or audio condition described in the announcement, it will be my concern to solve the problem (possible refund) 
 Vinyls listened to with medium quality stereo. Subjective classification. Before being listened to, the vinyls are cleaned with a semi-automatic machine Vcs project and with specific products. Subjective listening and judgment, for different systems and heads the sounds could be different from those heard before the sale. Index conditions  vinylsMint ------ Perfect shiny disc with no scratch or signNM ------- Disc in excellent condition with few signs No scratchesVG + ------ Disk in very good condition with few signs and light scratchesVG ------- good good non-scratch stateGood ---- I do not sell them !!!!
Index conditions coverMint ------ New cover no wear sign and angles okNM -------- Cover with some non-serious signs and little damaged or perfect cornersVG + ------- Cover with some defects, discreetly damaged or perfect corners. No breaks or pen writing signs. No price labels etc ..Vg ---------- Cover as VG +, may have pen signs and price labels etc.
Goood ----- I do not sell them !!!
Index condition soundMint-----No noise no tic-popVG+-------Very good sound, light noises on parts with low or no musicGood------Sound good with some background noises sopre music, presence of tic-pop.                                                               Disc still listening
Shipping price to be agreed upon after the auction ends. Payment to be made after sending invoice. For shipments in Italy, ebay dealer rates are applied and sent with a salesman. For international shipments, international priority mail rates are applied by Italian mail. For international shipments, delivery times from 5 to 20 working days.For those interested, after the sale of the lot upon request the vinyls are washed. The cost for each single wash, with semi-automatic machine is 1,50 euros for disc, including antistatic covers for each vinyl sold. (Payment to paypal) Classification only visual, if the vinyls are listened to, the classification is specified. For auctions that end under 15 euros, a rate of 1.50 euros is applied for packaging and protective covers. Shipment in rigid and protected pack with soft padding and padded envelope (200g)
  1. The shipment of the object is subject to verification of the receipt.
  2. The shipment will be made with priority international economic email (not traceable) for items under 50?(On request for shipping under 50 ? possible sending by registered or insured)For items above ? 50, shipping will be traceable and insured at my expense to protect the buyer.For sales of over 2kg, it will be used as an international parcel, traceable and insured.
  3. In the case of shipping by registered mail, ONLY for small objects weighing less than 1Kg, the weight band can be set roughly, so the buyer waives any complaints regarding an error in evaluating the final weight of the object + pack.
  4. In case of shipment of several items, a single shipment will be made.
  5. The package will be prepared with the utmost care SEALING EVERY POSSIBLE OPENING. Signing accepted under your responsibility
the status of the parcel and its contents, giving up the reimbursement in case of tampering, replacement, theft, total or partial damage. (In the event of non-delivery, tampering with total or partial damage, the complaint will be attributed to the shipping company, in which case I am willing to help in the complaint process)

Where applicable, I remind you that: THIS IS A SALE BY A PRIVATE SUBJECT. NO WARRANTY 

Tariffe Postapriority Internazionale Economy(Not traceable)                         Zona 1      Zona 2      Zona 3             (Europa)   (USA-ASIA)  (OCEANIA)Formato voluminoso  fino a 350 g 9,50 euro 12,50 euro 17,00 eurooltre 350 g  a 1000 g     11,00 euro 17,00 euro 23,00 eurooltre 1000g a 2000 g     18,00 euro 28,50 euro 34,00 euro
Formato voluminoso
Oltre 250g fino a 350g      14,25?       18,65?       23,90?Oltre 350g fino a 1000g.     19,35?       26,99?      35,90?Oltre 1000g fino a 2000g.    28,45?       40,30?       50,90?

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