E.G. OBLIQUE GRAPH triptych ep UK 1982 7" PS great DIY experimental electro

End Price: GBP 20
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Start Price: GBP 1
End Date: 2011-11-27
Start Date: 2011-11-20

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Country: Greece
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E.G. OBLIQUE GRAPH triptych ep UK 1982 7

E.G. OBLIQUE GRAPH: triptych ep (black cloth behind de gaulle's waqx head /triptych // study of red pope (innocent x) / castro regime

RECLOOSE ORGANISATION LOOSE-002 UK 1982/1983 7" PS (1982 on label, 1983 on ps)

electronic experimental indie in superb condition + xerox of rare press release inserts (as in my collection)


cover: ex

vinyl: ex

* strict record collector grading (however I don't use higher than ex/ex grade)


airmail in europe GBP2.80 1st /GBP1.00 eachafter

airmail rest GBP4.80 1st /GBP2.00 eachafter

registered (with insurance) GBP6.80 per order

* I'm a collector myself so strict packing policies applied (I have never received a complaint for a broken item - all records moved out of ps and put in plain sleeve and ps in plastic sleeve)

methods of payment


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