David Crosby Songbook - "Songs By David Crosby"

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David Crosby Songbook -

Produced by Warner Brothers in 1972. Contains 23 songs penned by the magnificent David Crosby, with music from his time in the Byrds, right through C,S,N & Y to his solo albums. Loaded with glossy photographs and artwork, 96 pages long. Each song pages shows the individual tuning of the strings and the appropriate chord boxes and in some cases individual fingering. Very few of these songbooks still exist, mainly due to the brittle nature of the binding employed by Warners. In order to open the book fully to display facing pages and leaving the hands free to play the guitar, it was necessary to apply so much force to the central seam that theĀ  binding was prone to fracture, resulting in some pages being displaced. Although that has happened in this case also, none of the pages have become lost and the entire book has been "rebound" by me. Although this reduces the value of this songbook, it is a complete copy and is an absolute must for any fan or lover of David Crosby. Further photographs can be supplied to interested individuals if required.

Song listing is;

Everbody's been burned


Deja Vu

Almost cut my hair

Song with no words

What are there names

Renaissance Fair

Tamalpais High

Eight Miles High

Traction in the rain

Cowboy Movie

Lee Shore


Wall Song

Where will I be

Whole Cloth



Music is love


Page 43

Long time gone

Wooden ships

What more can I say, if this isn't the best list of Crosby songs, then I'll eat my hat!

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