David Bowie Diamond Dogs RCA USA Genital LP Original 1974 Cover
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David Bowie Diamond Dogs RCA USA Genital LP Original 1974 Cover


David Bowie Diamond Dogs RCA USA Genital LP Original 1974 Cover


Diamond Dogs

 David Bowie



Condition Vinyl: N/A - No vinyl included.Condition Cover: EX+: Has been stored with great care. There is some slide-wear on the bottom and the left-hand corners have dulled some. The spine shows some cracking (not from ever having been used, just from age and having been opened once or twice).
In 1974, Diamond Dog gate-fold sleeves were manufactured and ready to be inserted with the vinyl for distribution. Despite having been through many rounds of proofs RCA executives decided at the last minute (quite literally) that the album could not be released in the US with the dog genitals in full view. The head of print production for RCA at that time was directed to have all copies of the cover destroyed and to have the art re-done with the offending parts airbrushed out. The actual vinyl was manufactured elsewhere, so none of the sleeves were ever "married" with the actual lps.
Obviously, not all of these covers were destroyed...
A "handful" of finished covers had been sent to the RCA print department as samples - standard operating procedure in the world of print procurement - and as far as we know, these samples were the ONLY copies that escaped unharmed. In the years that have passed since, a few copies were given to other record company executives, some of which have made their way into collectors' hands.
As far as can be determined, ALL known existing covers quite likely were in this original batch of samples, ALL of which passed through one man who happened to be in charge of printing at RCA in 1974.
This man is now retired and has two copies remaining of this incredibly rare artifact. This auction is for one of them. When this item is sold, I will post the last existing known copy.

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**** The Mr. Fiore quoted in the above article is the owner of this item! ****

***Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you need to! I will be my pleasure to provide additional photos of specific areas of the cover if you wish to see more than what I've shown in this post.

*****I have been selling pieces from this collection for quite some time... it belongs to a man who was the head of print purchasing at a number of record companies in the '60s and '70s. These were usually first pressing lps that were used as guidelines for subsequent reprints, which is why many of them were never played. Some of them have typesetting marks on them (I mention them when they're there), many of them are promo copies, all of them were stored with great care. Please bid with confidence that you are getting an lp that has (so far) lived a very quiet life...*****
For now I'll be using the Goldmine Standard for grading records and will list any flaws that I see. I grade conservatively, so you can be sure that you will not be disappointed when you receive your record(s). 
If I think that the image of the item is misleading in any way I will state it in the description.

SS: Still Sealed - Sealed

NM: Near Mint - in factory fresh condition, like new.

EX: Excellent - a used, reasonable copy. Shows slight signs of wear.

VG+: Very Good + - There will be obvious signs of wear and the possibility a few skuffs and/or light surface noise between tracks or during quiet passages, but still quite nice.

VG: Very Good - significant wear and marks and usually quite noticeable surface noise,still plays great.


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