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Impossibly obscure private-pressed Heavy Metal record from South Carolina (1986). One of the most insane records ever made!

Here's the IMPOSSIBLE to find second DWARR LP! Entitled "Animals" and released in South Carolina in 1986, very few copies made it out of the state. This is a rare metal collector's wet dream! This is a VG+ copy (cover also VG+) from the one and only private pressing on "Brand X" records. Features the songs: Animals, Cannibinol: the Function, That Deadly Night, Are You Real, Chocolate Mescaline, Ghost Lovers, Just Keep Running, Evil Lures, Lonely Space Traveler, Time, Heavy Vibrations, Electric Shock, Lucky Star

The record up for auction is actually one of only about 100 copies (out of the pressing of 1000) which had "special" covers made. Apparently DWARR ran out of album jackets and had to hand make somewhere between 50 and 100 copies with photocopied covers which are hand signed ("Crying Souls is coming... Dwarr") and also hand singed-- that's right, DWARR burned the edges around the photocopies before pasting them to the cover -- giving them a sort of post-apocalyptic rustic feel. I'm also including in this auction an empty sleeve of the original full-color album jacket! So in this auction you get the record with it's original sleeve as well as the SUPER LIMITED hand signed and hand singed sleeve. The sleeve features some of the most awesome (slash, unintentionally hilarious) airbrush artwork ever to grace a metal album!!!


Duane Warr recorded two albums in the early 80's in South Carolina before going totally over the edge in an Alcohol and drug induced frenzy whilst recording his third (unreleased) album. He "found God" and, according to one source, burned all the remaining Dwarr albums, master tapes, artwork, etc. This is the second (and better) of his two albums and finding a proper description is tough. This is over-the-top psychedelic doom-metal-insanity -- dark, brooding, and totally whacked out. Duane Warr plays all of the instruments on this album which kind of gives the whole thing a slightly off-kilter feel which enhances the madness. The sound is somewhat like a retarded drug-addled attempt at SABBATH with insane guitar solos and excursions into the most depressing, suicidal sounds ever laid to tape. I got this copy from Duane's brother who also (as a high-school-senior) did the DWARR logo (pictured here... sorry for the scanner cutting off the bottom). The two DWARR LP's are truly some of the strangest metal records of all time. They definitely don't sound like anything else, and the guy comes off as clearly disturbed on this release. Essentially, this is a twisted masterpiece. I'm not gonna lie and say that's it's the most brilliantly executed playing or production... but it's definitely insane. Oh, and also rare as hell. Whispered about by collectors world-wide, who has ever even seen a copy of this?

Take advantage of my low opening bid, as copies of this album often go for hundreds of dollars.

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